5 Places to Store & Hide your Stockpile

5 Places to Store & Hide your Stockpile



If you coupon on a regular basis, you are quite familiar with how tough it can be to store your stockpiles. Having a stockpile of key items is very important to the couponer, so you have to make room somewhere. Most people are aware of the most common stockpile hiding areas. These hiding spots may include storage units, garages, outbuildings and whatever cabinet spaces you can muster. Here are five stockpile hiding spots that might not be as commonly thought of:




While closet space is generally at a premium, most people have at least a shelf or two they can spare for stacking up rolls of toilet paper or cans of shaving cream. Even the smallest amount of space can help to keep your stockpile put away and out of view of your visitors. Closets are a wonderful place to start to look for extra space.



Basements are another great choice, but you have to make sure that whatever you are storing is in a temperature compatible space. You don’t want to put something in a basement that is not temperature controlled unless it is made to weather such circumstances.


Laundry Rooms

The laundry room is a good spot for things that keep well in warm areas. The temperature in the laundry room will be higher than in the rest of the house, so you don’t want to have things combustible in there. You can build some shelves though and easily store basic items like laundry detergent, dryer sheets, dishwashing liquid and so on.



If you purchase a nice trunk or happen to have one around the house, you can store a good sized bit of your smaller stockpile items. This is a great hiding spot because you can close the lid on it and hide the items entirely. Any kind of larger container like this is great to use, so get creative with your ideas.


Under-Bed Drawers

Hide a way drawers that slide under your bed are ideal for hiding away a large stockpile of smaller items. Some folks already use these for seasonal clothing storage but there are generally plenty of beds to go around. If you have a spot to use, smaller items can be hidden away with no problems at all.

Stockpile hiding is really all about creativity. You have to think of unique areas that you can store stuff away and maximize your space. If you are a couponer and have a unique idea for how to hide your stockpile, share it in the comments below!

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