A Vogel Contest – WIN Herbamare Prize Pack!!

A Vogel Contest – WIN Herbamare Prize Pack!!

New Contest from A Vogel August 2016

Have a chance to win  one Trudeau oven mitt, one Herbamare shaker, one Herbamare knife and one Herbamare® Original 125 g

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  • Single Entry
  • Residents of Canada

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This contest ends August 30, 2016


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Vital Energy

Tired? Feel like you have zero energy throughout the day? Why not try A Vogel’s Vital Energy product to get you feeling energized and refreshed.

I know that there are days when that first cup of coffee just doesn’t do it for me. I just can’t seem to find the energy I need to tackle the day.

This product is said to increase physical as well as mental stamina. It is a nerve tonic blend of plants.

Stress is something that most of us face. Maybe, just maybe A Vogel’s Vital Energy can help us with this.

Deep Sleep

This product is said to improve the quality of sleep. How many of you wake several times during the night? Whether to make trip to the bathroom, grab a glass of water, etc. Deep sleep can help you fall asleep and STAY asleep. I am thinking of purchasing some of this specifically for my husband.

Thyroid Support

Who would’ve thought that an herbal supplement can help with Thyroid issues. Kelpasan is a formula from A Vogel that is made with kelp. If you have a iodine deficiency some of the symptoms may include weight gain, constant fatigue and poor concentration. That’s why having a proper functioning Thyroid is so important.

If you think  you might have an issue, please speak to your doctor and mention this product as well. Many people have found it to work wonders.


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