An Introduction -Extreme Canadian Couponing

An Introduction -Extreme Canadian Couponing


Hello and Welcome,

I thought I would start a new series of Blog Posts that will hopefully teach people who are not accustomed to using coupons, how it is all done.

I grew up with a frugal minded mother who was always looking for a way to save a buck. She clipped coupons (at that time from the newspaper), looked in magazines and removed every single tin can label looking for those “special hidden” coupons that only seasoned shoppers knew about. As a child I never really paid much attention, however, as an adult who has found it hard from time to time to save money on a limited budget I found my true coupon roots.

The real “Coupon Queen” craze started about 5 years ago, when I found a coupon on (one of my favourite Canadian Coupon websites) for a FREE Therma-Care Heat Wrap. It just so happened that earlier in the week I had thrown out my back and was still suffering daily with a back ache. I requested the coupon and in a couple of days, there it was in my mailbox. I was so amazed. I headed over to Shopper’s Drug Mart and used my FPC (free product coupon) to get a Therma-Care Heat Wrap absolutely FREE. I didn’t even have to pay the taxes. It was such a thrill. I almost felt guilty. I felt like I had just ripped someone off. I wanted to yell “start the car! Start the car!” It was such a thrill. I actually got a rush out of it. Than I realized that these companies were really smart. They had just convinced me to try their product and I did because it was FREE. I couldn’t wait to tell my family and friends what I had done and how they could do it too.

I truly think that was the day “I got addicted”. I surfed the net looking for websites that offered coupons. I found lots of websites but the problem was I spent literally days and weeks going through sites that only offered USA coupons. I had to find a way to find more coupons. I had to recapture the thrill of getting something for nothing or at least for less than regular price. I soon discovered a Canadian based website and took the plunge by joining their forum. I found a couple useful coupons but they were few and far between. I also discovered that not every website is a friendly one. The site I originally joined will remain nameless, but I have to thank them for being so disorganized and having rude members. I am thanking them because of their actions I looked elsewhere and found this wonderful, friendly and always helpful forum called….. you guessed it CANADIAN FREE STUFF. I have been a member of CFS since April 2007 and I have never looked back.

I really had no idea how to properly do the whole “coupon” thing but this was a great place to start. If you are interested in learning more about how to use coupons in Canada then stay tuned. I am going to try to help others learn what I have learned over the last 5 years about saving money by using coupons. My username is Cheetah and I hope to be your personal guide through the exciting world of couponing in Canada.

I look forward to reading your comments, and having others share their ideas with us.

What you can look forward to over the next few weeks. Here are some topics I hope to cover.

Couponing for Beginners
How to find Canadian Coupons
Tricks of the Trade of Coupons
Favorite coupon websites
Learn to Sort & Store Your coupons
Abbreviations Coupon Do’s and Don’ts
Taking it to the Next Level





  1. nasreen -thanks for your comment. Well extreme couponing in the USA seems to be well-more extreme. I have saved over 70% many times but getting $500 down to cents. No. We can’t double coupons here and no where in my province can I stack coupons but I have been able to save tons of money over the last few years. I have a nice stockpile in my office of lots of beauty and cleaning products. The toilet paper is to the ceiling and I have enough laundry detergent to last at least 6 months or more. Learn what is a good price and save your coupons to use them when prices are at their lowest. If you have any other questions feel free to ask and I will try to do my best to help you out little grasshopper LOL

  2. can you be an extreme couponer in canada, you know, just like those american shows? a 500 dollar shopping trip dwindles down to ZERO dollars and 30 cents?? :)

    if so, please teach me oh wise one!! i am your grasshopper!

  3. liz stone,

    That is awesome!- I know how you feel. There is nothing better than cutting you grocery shopping bills in half. I now have a small stockpile of toilet Tissue, shampoo and other none perishables. Get the sales whenever I can without blowing the budget. I now find that I can go a couple of weeks without shopping at all. (just fresh fruits and veggies) Happy couponing and I hope you enjoy the rest of the series.

  4. i love couponing i started just a few months ago and the best one so far was a trip to zellers and then to food basics on this trip every item at zellers i had a coupon for the bill went from 42 to 26 dollars in a matter of seconds using my coupons that same eveing i was at food basics and my bill was 50 down to 25 using my coupons so i saved 30 in a matter of minutes my step son was amazed and i am hooked but cant find enough coupons so i am looking forward to your sereris of articles thank you

  5. I just had to mention what a thrill it was to get paid 1penny to take colgate toothpaste. I had a 1$ off coupon and it went on sale for .99c. I’m from ontario It doesn’t happen often, but it’s possible :)

  6. simone: heycheetahthiscouponingsoundgoodiwouldreallyliketogetintodoingittoo

    You should give it a go. It is amazing how much you can actually save on items you use all the time- start small and don’t get overhelmed :o)

  7. Tanya: GreatsetupforintroducingcouponstobeginnersSave.causedtohavesomanyfreebiecouponsbackintheday!Toobadthey’vecutdowninthepastlittlewhile

    Yes I agree, too bad there isn’t more-but facebook pages are a wonderful resource for FPC lately. Just “like” your favourite brands and watch you feed for new coupons. Thank you so very much for taking the time to leave a comment. :o) Cheetah

  8. Great set up for introducing coupons to beginners :) used to have so many freebie coupons back in the day! Too bad they’ve cut down in the past little while

  9. Canadian Coupons,

    Thank you for your comment-yes there is alot to learn about couponing. I am still learning everyday. Coupon policies are forever changing too. It is a must to stay up to date. Good luck and happy couponing!

  10. Alexis,

    LMAO I so love that idea. I should start a thread on the forum where everyone can join in and show me what they have learned and maybe post pictures of their deals? What does everyone in the class think about that? Would you like to share what you have accomplished?

  11. Awesome I am so going to take the time to read them and join the “class” can’t wait to start saving more money! We should totally have a test at the end and get “diplomas” lmao

  12. Great stuff!! Going to be a busy mom of 3 come June…need to pinch every penny! Thanks for the helpful tips – can’t wait to get going!

  13. Wondering where I could find the articles mentioned here as it was in Jan
    I assume some if not all are completed – first time on site first time trying to save money in any way besides checking flyers . Was layed off recently and ready to adapt!

  14. This is so great! I am a new mom and am looking for lots of ways to save. I saw extreme couponing on TV and thought it was just incredible how much they get for so little money. I’d love to learn how to get started on my way to saving :) :)


  15. I am looking forward to additional blogs. I can’t wait to learn how to “coupon” effectively. I am hoping that it will change the way I shop.

  16. Looking forward to the ‘rules’ as well as were to find coupons. I have tried several times to use coupons but they are tough to find here in Canada. It is nothing like those OCDish people in the States where thousands of coupons seem to be up for grabs for anyone looking to find them…..

    Thanks for the information!

  17. Hello! I can’t wait to learn about how to start couponing! I just watched a show called ‘extreme couponing’ and there were people getting over $2000 worth of groceries for $100!!! that was in the U.S. tho, and I seem to be having a hard time finding similar deals in Canada. I really really look forward to learning from you :) Thank you

  18. Also I do not have a real computer or a printer so anything that will mail out coupons or coupons that are in flyers would help greatly!

  19. THANKYOU SO VERY MUCH! I love coupon-ing but I find that I can so easily fall into that trap of “oh this is a GREAT deal and I will use it (eventually)!” I also have a thing about keeping my cupboards full that I buy things that we will use but aren`t necessarily needed right this moment or even for the next week or two so I think this will help me with my organizational skills….

  20. Fabulous, I can’t wait to hear more. I know in the States, they double and triple the coupons. Any little bit helps as long as you are not buying things you don’t need just for the coupon.. I have just started to coupon and have found a few canadian websites.

  21. This is great! I literally have just discovered the whole concept, and I have no clue how to do it “properly”. It is so kind of you to share your knowledge. Thank you!

  22. Please teach your readers how to shop at London Drugs ( who takes more then 10 coupons on one item-the coupons must have different UPC ) this alone will save you $$$ Also how to collect and use the points at Shoppers Drugs which can then be cashed in for free items. I have been couponing for years. My number one rule NEVER BUY STUFF YOU DONT USE even if you have coupons.

  23. Hi,

    Great idea, I just starting couponing and I’m having a hard time finding coupons for Canada and especially Quebec. Can’t wait to read your blog.
    Thanks :-)

  24. Hi, terrific timing I am out of work due to illness and finding the going tough
    thanks for being a person who is willing to share their knowledge with others

  25. Cheetah, thank you so much for starting this blog. Your willingness to help teach couponing is wonderful. My husband and I are in a financial crisis and we are looking for ways to save. I have already started using coupons but would love to learn more and save more. Thank you so much!!

  26. I ‘m very interested in coupons and need people to sned me any kind of coupons by the address is LILLIAN DEDAM, 29 NATION LANE, APT# A, LISTUGUJ, QUEBEC. CANADA. G0C 2R0. Thank you.

  27. Thank you!
    I look forward to reading more on your posts.
    I am beginning and did my first BOGO with a 1.50 off coupon….it was fun.
    Now I need to learn more.

  28. SO CAN’T WAIT. I am a stay at home mother, and am looking for ways to save money so I can continue to stay home with my kids…I can’t wait to learn from you! I’m totally completely new at this, and feel extremely overwhelmed…

  29. Wonderful!!! I can’t wait to follow along and learn! Couping does save and I wish I had been couponing years ago. It can be done my Canadian friends :o)

  30. I’m just trying to figure out the whole coupon thing!! So I’m very excited to hear your tips!

  31. Wow, I am so excited to see all the response so far. I am super excited and can’t wait to get started. I hope everyone will enjoy this new series and I also encourage everyone to join in with their comments as we travel along. I think we can all learn from each others experiences too. Get ready to start saving Canada. :O)

  32. I’m another disorganized coupon junkie. Have used coupons forever but I find it confusing searching them out … they’re either not there ( or too big to print (after all I don’t want to use all my ink!). Please show us how to print coupons. Looking forward to your blog. Thank you.

  33. This is awesome! Is there an email list I can get on to get your helpful tips sent to me on email??

  34. Thank you this is wonderful and I think we can all learn alot! Looks like our class is filling! Even tho it’s unlimited space! Can’t wait to learn more with you cheetah and all the other students!

    Thank you

  35. Thank you for your resources. I am new to couponing and am very interested in maximizing the use of coupons (especially ones for free items). I was a little disheartened to see so many fabulous deals for Americans and nothing for Canadians :-( I hope to find better Canadian coupons and freebies here!!

  36. Oh, this couldn’t be more perfectly timed. I have been couponing in the US for a couple years now but in a few months I’m moving back to Canada. Honestly one of my biggest concerns is the loss of coupons. I’ve tried doing a little research into couponing up north, but everyone I talk to up there basically tell me that couponing just “doesn’t exist” in Canada.

    How depressing. I just can’t go back to paying full price, let alone Canadian prices (which are double in a lot of cases…I almost cried a couple weeks ago when I walked into a Superstore to do a little Canada/America price comparison!)

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to learn more about how I can keep using coupons in Canada, for myself and also so I can teach my nay-saying family members how to save money too. I’m getting kind of sick of them telling me that there are only good coupon deals in America.

  37. Dear Cheetah

    I won’t go into details,but because of difficult times I am forced to find other ways to save money. After all I must feed my family and if you can help I will be profoundly grateful. I have heard of coupons and have no idea how to collect or even properly use them. I am ready to learn,so teach away so that I may help feed my family.


  38. My mission this year is to save anywhere I can, Thanks for sharing your knowledge as I am a Coupon Newbie!!! Excited to get started.

  39. Thank You Cheetah !

    I just started getting into using more coupons… and was just looking for such a resource to get me started on the right path.. specially about how to organize and sort the coupons.

    Thank you for thinking of us newbies !

  40. Thanks look forward to learning new tips I use coupons whenever I can and price match as well and use my spc card on top for a deeper discount..
    I have been contesting/couponing for about 3yrs on a more serious level would not be able to do it without sites like yours Thanks wishing you a Happy 2011

  41. Thank you so much! I search everywhere. I’m a french canadian but I’m happy to find a site! :)

  42. I cannot wait to keep up with this!!!! I’m hoping to learn new things. I too got addicted when I joined this site. I have tried out other sites but they just don’t have that “it” factor if you will.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!!!

    I am a CFS member and am officially addicted. lol.

  43. Looking forward to your series of exposes. I’ve been couponing for longer than I can remember, but I find that I always end up with the generic brand because even with a coupon, it is still cheaper than the coupon brand.

    I’m sure I can trace my interest back to watching “Real People” with the lovely Sarah Purcell.

  44. Great!!! Can’t wait to learn more. Couponing saves so much money and has really changed the way I shop.

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