Auctions For Free Stuff!

Auctions For Free Stuff!

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What Is Listia?

Listia is a new kind of auction site where you bid on other people’s stuff using credits instead of real money. We make it easy for users to get rid of stuff they don’t need anymore and find stuff they want for free. Listia is a marketplace where people enjoy giving and getting items for free.

Every user gets 100 free credits after signing up and listing an item. The more popular your listing is, the more credits your auction will go for. You bid credits for things you want. So each thing goes to the person who wants it most! Getting more credits is easy, fun and most importantly, costs nothing!

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  1. Did anyone figure out a way to search for items that can be shipped to Canada? Everything I looked at says U.S. only. Otherwise it’s a cool idea…

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