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Old Navy Canada Promotion

Yay! Old Navy’s $1 Flip Flop Sale is Coming Back For 2015!

Visit any Old Navy store on Saturday July 4, 2015 and get their ultra popular flip-flops for only $1 a pair!

There is a limit of 5 pairs per person, and the sale is only valid in-store (not online) and only on July 4, 2015.

In the mean time, come play the Old Navy Emoodji Contest, for your chance to win 1 of 10,000 Free Pairs of Old Navy Flip Flops, or 1 of 3 Beach Vacations!

Enter Old Navy Flip Flop Contest Here


Shop Old Navy Canada


FREE Shipping on orders over $50 + Free Returns

Old Navy Canada History

As of 2007, Old Navy has more than 1,000 stores in the United States and Canada. The Old Navy’s target market largely consists of price conscious teens to adults. The clothing is cheaper  than its other Gap brands. Old Navy’s stores contain  sections for infants, boys, girls, men, and women. Most recently, In addition to clothing, Old Navy also sells  accessories such as shoes, handbags, toys, hats.

Sizing Charts at Old Navy Canada include;


Checkout Old Navy Canada’s Facebook Page for more deals, and sometimes they offer coupon codes as well

Free Birthday Coupon

Sign up for Old Navy Canada Emails, and on the week of your birthday you will receive a special printable coupon ( and coupon code) all in one for you to use the month of your birthday.  A Savings is a Savings.

Learn more about Old Navy

Old Navy is a well known American clothing and accessories retailer owned and operated by Gap Inc. its corporate operations are in San Bruno and San Francisco, California. The company’s largest stores are located in Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York City. In the 1980s, Gap became so popular under the direction of Millard Drexler. The company opened Gap Warehouse in 1993. This new division of Gap was later renamed Old Navy.

The first stores were founded in the northern California towns of Colma, Pittsburg and San Leandro. The division expanded rapidly; in 1997, it was considered the first retailer to pass $1 billion in its first business years. By 2000, over 500 locations were opened. The company started expanding in world market by opening 12 new stores in Canada, in 2001.

Old Navy Maternity

Did you know that Old Navy offers Maternity Styles as well?

Many of their shoppers do not realize that you can purchase a wide range of gorgeous maternity wear at your local store.

Find maternity dresses, swimsuits, shorts, as well as many other types of clothing.

Shop by trimester

Old Navy Maternity Wear allows customers to shop by trimester. This is an ingenious idea. It gives you an opportunity to choose the styles that you love and will fit your approximate size.

Also find new arrivals as well as discount prices on some of these items at Old Navy Canada

Looking for Old Navy Promo Codes?

If you are searching for the latest promo codes at Old Navy than look no further.

Canadian Free Stuff as all the newest coupon codes to help save you big on your online purchases.

See Old Navy Promo Codes Here.

Happy shopping everyone!!

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win cash

Angus Reid is giving away $1,000 in cash to one of their members every month!

Sign up today for your chance to win $1,000 cash!

On top of that Angus Reid is Canada’s most reliable, and most recommended paid survey sites, so not only do you get a chance to win $1,000, you can also they will also pay you for each survey you complete!


  • Canada Only
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of majority

Win $1,000 Cash From Angus Reid

Monthly on going

About Angus Reid

Angus Reid is Canada’s #1 on-line market research panel, it was launched in 2006 by Angus Reid Strategies (now called Vision Critical) as a way to give Canadians the chance to have their opinions herd on various topics and issues.

Have your opinions heard in boardrooms accross Canada, by the policymakers at Parliament Hill, by your local supermarket to help them make decisions based on what you want, from laws, taxes, products and the prices they charge you in the grocery store.
Angus Reid gathers the opinions of people accross Canada to help the decision makers decide what the majority of their customers want.

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Great News! The Nielsen Homescan program is accepting new members!

If you haven’t heard about the Nielsen Homescan program, it’s a very popular rewards program, that has been about since 1996. Once you are a member, they will send you a scanner (the kind you seen in stores, that scans bar codes). You scan the bar codes of everything you buy, and you get points. You Can then redeem your points for gift cards, and other goodies, like digital video camera, TV’s, stereo systems, GPS’ and MORE!

Note: This program is not open to resident of Newfoundland (sorry)

Sign up For The Nielsen Homescan Program Here


Nielsen Corporation was founded in 1923 in Chicago, Illinois by Arthur C. Nielsen. As a way to find out what consumers want, and to help marketers develop new products, and packaging.

In 1939 Nielsen expanded they expanded internationally, and now serve over 100 countries worldwide!

As soon as the internet became popular, and home computers started making their way into homes in 1996. Nielsen developed their reward program, where you sign up, and if you qualify for any of their current demographics they will send you a home scanner. You used the scanner to scan all of the bar codes on the products you buy and complete surveys, for points. You then redeem the points for prizes, such as gift cards, the latest electronics and more.

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tail wags

Another great contest from Tail Wags Helmet Covers!

This time Tail Wags is giving you the chance to win 1 of 5 “Go Canada Go” Tail Wags Helmet Covers!

To enter, follow the link below, make sure you “like” the Tail Wags Helmet Cover Facebook page, then post a picture of your “Canadian Pride” on the Facebook contest post.

Contest Rules:

  • Open to Canadian Residents
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of Majority
  • One Entry Per Person

Enter Tail Wags Contest

Unknown end date, so hurry and get your entry in



Tail Wags is a proud sponsor of our Canadian Free Stuff 40,000 Facebook Fan Celebration.

About Tail Wags

Tail Wags is a Toronto-based business that creates, designs and manufactures helmet covers of the best Canadian workmanship and quality, they are devoted to encouraging children and adults to wear their safety helmets.  All Tail Wags helmet covers are proudly designed and handcrafted in Canada!


Tail Wags makes helmet covers for the whole family, making wearing a helmet not only safe but fun! Tail Wag helmet covers fit ALL bike, skate, ski, snowboard, toboggan, equestrian, and hockey helmets. They even fit bucket style motorcycle helmets.



Tail Wags was all started  in 2006, by Karyn Climans. Who several years ago suffered a serious ski accident; fortunately she was wearing a safety helmet, doctors said saved her life! The main goal of the company is to promote helmet use and safety awareness. Karyn has made it her mission to promote safety awareness, that along with her incredible imagination, are the key ingredients to Tail Wags’ success.

Today, there are over 40 Tail Wags helmet cover designs so you are bound to find the perfect look for every member of your family and friends!

Social Media

Come join Tail Wags on the following social media sites






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Mentos Flash Contest.

Here is your chance to WIN a FREE Box of Mentos.

Leave a Facebook comment to win.


  • Open to Canada and United States
  • Single entry
  • Quebec friendly
  • Age of majority
  • Valid Facebook account

Enter Mentos Contest

Contest ends June 27 at 7PM (ET)

 Mentos Brand

Candy Warehouse is is the online candy store where you can satisfy all your Mentos candy cravings.

Visit this website and you will literally be like a kid in a candy store.

The very first Mentos commercials were produced in the 1960’s and became widely popular with the old and young alike.

This product is better known as The Freshmaker.

Versions of Mentos include candy(hard coating with a crunchy and chewy middle), and more recently a chewing gum that is said to outlast the competition.

One word that you can use to describe Mentos is Retro Candy. Retro because of the fact that it as been around since the 1960’s.

The older generation would probably say that Mentos is nostalgic candy. I am thinking that there were many a memory created around these little pieces of delicious joy over the years.

If you love Mentos be sure to try some of these other brands of candy as well;

  • lifesavers
  • poprocks
  • altoids
  • and more.

Mentos And Coke

When I think of Mentos the first thing that comes to mind is the sprouting stream when you add this candy to a Coke product. The kids seem to love it as well. Could it be the sticky mess that is left after the fact or is it the fun squishing sound from the bottle, or is it that moment when a cool eruption of Coke sprouts up to the sky.


This brand was founded in 1932 and creates a variety of different flavors of candy and gum

Mentos Cube Gum

Fun cubed shaped gum that provide a great tasting and not to mention long-lasting freshness.

Some other Mentos products that might interest you include;

Pure Fresh – this is a candy that contains pure mint extracts giving you that extra boost of breath freshness.

Mentos Blast – a gum that contains a liquid center. Comes in fresh and cool mint and also fruit flavors.

Bubble Gum – comes in strawberry, lemon, and orange.

Chewing gum with icy freshness. This product is sugar free and is used to freshen your breath.

Last but certainly not least is Mentos White. This product helps your teeth maintain their whiteness. We all want white teeth and what a better way to acheive that than with a delicious gum from Mentos.

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P&G coupons

P&G has just released New coupons on their portal ( all printable )

Get Your P&G Canada Coupons

P&G is also giving away a FREE Cascade sample pack right now

Get Your FREE Sample Pack Here

There has been $108 worth of new coupons added!

P&G BrandSAVER Coupon Include your Favorite brands

  • Cascade
  • Downy
  • Gain
  • Febreze
  • Duracell
  • Covergirl
  • Nice N Easy
  • Crest
  • Bounce
  • Tide
  • Gillette
  • Iams
  • Pantene
  • Head N Shoulders

and many more.

These coupons are Free to Order as well as they will be mailed to home address in Canada.

Get Your BrandSaver Coupons 

Unknown Expiry Date

brandsaver coupons


Fill your coupon binder with them, then keep an eye on our famous, weekly Canada Wide  Coupon Matchups for the maximum savings. Sometimes when you match sales and coupons, you can get FREE stuff!

Visit our Free With Coupons page to see what you can get free with your coupons this week!

Here is a list of the P&G BrandSAVER products, in which there are currently coupons for:

  • Cascade Platinum 
  • Cascade Rinse Aid
  • Charmin Ultra Strong Bathroom Tissue
  • Crest 3D White Paste
  • Crest 3D Rinse
  • Oral B Tooth Brush
  • Crest Whitestrips
  • Crest Pro-Glide Dental Floss
  • Downy Liquid
  • Downy Unstoppables
  • Duracell NiMH Charger
  • Febreze Fabric Refresher
  • Febreze Car Vent Clip
  • Swiffer
  • Mr. Clean
  • Gain
  • Gillette Pro-Glider
  • Gillette Blades
  • Gillette Reusable Razors
  • Gillette shaving cream/gel
  • Head & Shoulders Shampoo
  • Iams Dry Dog Food
  • Iams Wet Dog Food
  • Iams Dry Cat Food 
  • Iams Wet Cat Food
  • Natural Instincts Hair Colour
  • Nice ‘N Easy Hair Colour
  • Old Spice Antiperspirant/Deodorant
  • Old Spice Body Wash 
  • Puffs Tissue
  • Swiffer WetJet
  • Swiffer SweeperVac
  • Tide Liquid
  • Tide Powder
  • Tide Pods
  • Tide Fresh & Gentle
  • Bounce
  • Gillette Venus Disposable
  • Gillette Venus Reusable
  • Vidal Sassoon Hair Care & Styling Products
  • Vidal Sassoon Hair Colour

Make sure to check out all the coupons available to Canadians HERE

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Hurry! IÖGO Canada is giving away coupons for FREE full sized packs of their  new IÖGO pouches!

Get your FREE IOGO Yogurt Here. 

Only While Quantities Last so hurry!!

About IÖGO

IÖGO is a proudly Canadian company, all of their products are made for Canadians and by Canadians, and contain only Canadian made ingredients. Those are some smart canucks!

They employ over 5,000 Canadian dairy farmers, and over 750 plant employees! They have been turning milk into yogurt for over 40 yrs.

IÖGO is so proud of their products, that they have a “satisfaction guarantee”, that is valid for 30 days from the day you purchase the product.

IÖGO Product List

IÖGO The Original

  • Starberry
  • Raspberry
  • Vanilla
  • Blueberry


  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Fieldberry
  • Cherry
  • Peach
  • Orange Mandarin
  • Pineapple Coconut Banana
  • Peach Passion Fruit
  • Melon Trio
  • Mango-Pineapple
  • Strawberry Parfait
  • Raspberry-Chocolate
  • Crème Caramel
  • Caffelatte
  • Vanilla
  • Mango Passion Fruit
  • Key Lime Pie

IÖGO Probio

  • Strawberry-Banana
  • Raspberry-Cranberry
  • Blackberry-Blueberry
  • Peach-Mango
  • Strawberry-Banana
  •  Raspberry-Cranberry
  • Blackberry-Blueberry
  • Peach-Mango
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Apple-Raisin
  • Fig-Date
  • Lactose free: Strawberry
  • Lactose free Raspberry
  • Lactose Free Blueberry
  • Lactose Free Vanilla
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry-Rhubarb
  • Pear-Apricot
  • Lemon-Lime

IÖGO Greko

  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Pineapple
  • Coconut
  • Mango
  • Lemon Lime
  • Plaine
  • Vanilla
  • Honey

IÖGO Nomad

  • Raspberry Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Stawberry Melon
  • Blueberry Blackberry
  • Tropical ~ Mango, Banana, Pineapple


  • Strawberry
  • Pineapple-Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Pineapple-Cherry
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry-Banana


  • Vanilla •
  • Raspberry •
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry •
  • Strawberry-Banana
  • Banana
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edible arrangements feb 12

Edible Arrangements Trivia Thursday Giveaway!

Visit the Edible Arrangements Facebook page every Thursday, for your chance to win FREE chocolate dipped fruit prizes!


  • Canada & USA
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Limit 1 Entry Per Week

Enter Edible Arrangements Trivia Thursday Contest


edible arrangements

Edible Arrangements Birthday Giveaway!

Every Month enter to win a FREE Confetti Fruit Cupcake Dipped Strawberries Birthday Bouquet arrangement of chocolate dipped fruit


  • One entry per person, per month
  • Open to Canada and United States
  • Excludes Quebec
  • Age of majority

Enter Edible Arrangements Contest

Contest ends on the last day of each month ~ Monthly ongoing until November 30, 2015

The Story of Edible Arrangements

This company is primarily the makers of fresh fruit arrangements and gourmet chocolate dipped fruit. You can pick up in store or use the convenient option of delivery or order online.

They have a worldwide number to place your order 1-877-DO-FRUIT. So easy to remember.

What makes this product special is the fact that it is made fresh daily. Fresh fruit dipped in gourmet chocolate, it doesn’t get any better than that.

I have never known a person to open one of these bouquets and not smile. They just have that ‘wow’ factor built in.

Special Occasions

If you are at a loss as to what to get for that special someone, Edible Arrangements is THE place to go. Drop in to your local store for tons of helpful advice and gorgeous gift ideas, or just browse online and place an order today.


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New Topbox Contest For Canada & USA

Enter to win a brand new Omni Styler by BbBylissPRO ~ Valued at $175.00!


  • Open to Canada and United States
  • Age of majority
  • Quebec friendly
  • Single entry

Enter Topbox Contest

This contest ends July 7, 2015


New Topbox Contest For Canada!

Enter to win a Benefit Cosmetics prize pack from Topbox, on Twitter!

To enter, follow @BenefitCanada on twitter, and tweet them, telling them which colour you most want to try with the hashtag #BenefitXTopbox


  • Open to Canada
  • Age of majority
  • Quebec friendly
  • Single entry

Enter Topbox Contest

Unknown end date, so hurry and get your entry in.

topbox aveda

New Topbox Contest For Canada & USA

Enter to win an Aveda prize pack ~ Valued at $195.00

The prize pack contains the following items:

  • Aveda Thickening Tonic
  • Aveda Phomollient
  • Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hairspray
  • Aveda Shampure Hand and Body Cleanser
  • Aveda Shampure Composition Oil
  • Aveda Shampure Shampoo
  • Aveda Shampure Conditioner


  • Open to Canada and United States
  • Age of majority
  • Quebec friendly
  • Single entry

Enter Topbox Contest

This contest ends July 1, 2015


New Topbox Contest For Canada & USA

Enter to win a Marc Anthony hair care prize pack!

The prize pack contains the following items:

  • Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Extra Nourishing Hand Cream
  • Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Sulfate Free Conditioner
  • Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Sulfate Free Shampoo
  • Marc Anthony 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo
  • Marc Anthony Volumizing Collagen Bamboo Sulfate Free Extra Volume Thickening Cream
  • Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Sulfate Free Volume Shine Hairspray
  • Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil 24Hr Moisture Hydrating Body Lotion
  • Marc Anthony Renewing Macadamia Oil Extra Nourishing Sulfate Free Body Wash
  • Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Sulfate Free Dry Styling Oil
  • Marc Anthony Renewing Macadamia Oil Extra Nourishing Deep Moisture Body Butter


  • Open to Canada and United States
  • Age of majority
  • Quebec friendly
  • Single entry

Enter Topbox Contest

This contest ends June 30, 2015


Top Box is a Great Company which you can order to have Beauty Samples sent to your home each month. The samples vary each month and contain about 4-5 samples. It’s a Great way to try out new products – Everything form Hair to Skin Care products . A new surprise each month . Great Idea for Teenagers or for that person whom is hard to buy for. Enjoy your Paid Samples. Cost is usually $12.00 per month.

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carseat canopy

To get your free Carseat Canopy:

  • Click on “Shop Now”
  • select the canopy of your choice (make sure to get the right size for your baby’s car-seat).
  • Go to “shopping bag”
  • Use Promo Code: ENBABY

Note: you are required to pay shipping & handling

You can use the code more than once ,you just have to open a new page to do so.

Get Your Free Carseat Canopy

Expires Sept 17, 2017

Carseat Canopy Sister Sites

  • Nursing Bracelets
  • Nursing Covers
  • Baby Slings
  • Nursing Pillows
  • Maternity Band
  • Baby Leggins
  • Washable Breat Pads
  • Baby Carriers

Carseat Canopy Styles

  • Angelina
  • Chevy
  • Hayden
  • Hunter
  • Jagger
  • Jayden
  • Kendra
  • Kennedy
  • Mikayla
  • Noa
  • Solomon
  • Tyler
  • Aiden
  • Belle
  • Eastwood
  • Hawkslee
  • Knott
  • Lovely
  • Maddox
  • Reagan
  • Sprinkled
  • Angelina Whole Caboodle
  • Chevy Whole Caboodle
  • Hayden Whole Caboodle
  • Hunter Whole Caboodle
  • Jagger Whole Caboodle
  • Jayden Whole Caboodle
  • Kendra Whole Caboodle
  • Kennedy  Whole Caboodle
  • Mikayla Whole Caboodle
  • Noa Whole Caboodle
  • Solomon Whole Caboodle
  • Tyler Whole Caboodle
  • Aiden Whole Caboodle
  • Belle Whole Caboodle
  • Eastwood Whole Caboodle
  • Hawkslee Whole Caboodle
  • Knott Whole Caboodle
  • Lovely Whole Caboodle
  • Maddox Whole Caboodle
  • Reagan Whole Caboodle
  • Sprinkled Whole Caboodle
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charmed aroma contest

New Contest From Charmed Aroma Canada!

Enter to win a Charmed Aroma candle, with a surprise ring inside valued up to $5,000.00!


  • Single Entry
  • Open to Canada & USA
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age 18+

Enter Charmed Aroma Contest

This Contest Ends June 29, 2015

Charmed Aroma Coupon Code

Use the following coupon code to save 10% off any purchase at Charmed Aroma

Coupon Code: GIVEAWAY10


About Charmed Aroma

Charmed Aroma is a candle company with a twist. Each of the candles they sell contains a ring, wrapped and hidden in the wax.

Each of the rings are valued from $10.00 – $5,000.00. The ring in each candle is a surprise!


How to how to know what your ring is worth?

Each ring come with a code, visit their website, click on the “Appraisal” button at the top of their page, enter your code, and they will tell you the value of the ring you got.

You can also buy rings without the candle from their website.



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clairins aquatic treasures collection

New Clarins Contest for Canada

Enter to win the entire Clarins Aquatic Treasures collection, or 1 of 10 Clarins Aquatic Treasures prize packs!


  • Single entry
  • Open to Canada residents only
  • Ages 18 and older
  • Valid email address

Enter Clarins Contest

This contest ends June 30, 2015

Clarins History & About Page

Clarins was founded in 1954 in Paris . By 1980 they became the #1luxery skin care beauty product in Europe, then in 1981 they began selling to the USA & Canada.

In 2002 they opened up their product line to Men Creating a whole product designed for men

Product Lines

Face Products include:

  • Cleansers & Toners
  • Moisturizers
  • Anti Aging products
  • Serums
  • Eyes & Lips & Neck products
  • Exfoliators & Masks products
  • Rebalancing oils

Body Products include:

  • Streamlining products
  • Firming products
  • Hydration products
  • Exfoliation products
  • Aroma-Phyto Body Care
  • Pregnancy products
  • Treatment Fragrances

Make Up Products

  • Face products – moisturizer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, makeup remover
  • Eye products -Mascara,Eye Shadow, Pencil Eyebrow, Eye Liner
  • Lips – Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Balm, Lip Liner

Sun Care Products:

  • Sun Protection – suntan lotion
  • After Sun care products
  • Self Tanning

Men Care Line:

  • Wash
  • Shave
  • Hydrate
  • Age Control
  • Body Care
  • SOS Express

Spa Treatments:

  • Face Treatments
  • Body Treatments
  • Exfoliating Treatments
  • Signature Massages
  • Beauty & Pamper for Mothers-to-be
  • Specific Treatments
  • Make-Up
  • Treatments For Men
  • Body Wraps
  • Waxing
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remington win it wednesday

Remington Contest

Remington’s Win it Wednesday Contest is Back For Another Week!

Enter for your chance to win 1 of 2 T|Studio PROtect Flat Iron!


  • Single Entry
  • Canada & USA
  • Excludes Quebec
  • Age of Majority

Enter Remington Win it Wednesday Contest

This contest ends June 24, 2015 at 5PM CST

Has this contest expired? Find more contests here for even more chances to win!

Remington Styling Wand

This professional curling wand is ceramic and as received a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. The T-Studio is one of the most popular styling products from Remingtons and usually comes with a 2 year warranty.

Contains real pearl which makes it look so sleek and rich. I’m sure it will turn some heads when you do those quick touch ups at your next function.

It heats up to 410 degrees(this is a salon standard) so you know you will get professional results.

What makes this product special is the fact that the barrel is coned shape. Your curls will have definition and will just bounce and flow depending on what style you want to achieve. Get that red carpet look from the convenience of your own home.

Hair Removal

Find everything from shave gel and wax to personal groomers. Your skin never felt so soft and touchable until you have used a Remington product.

Hair Care

Other Remington hair products include flat irons, hair dryers, hair setters, and curling irons. Get the professional, salon results that you have always wanted.

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New Conair Contest for Canada

Enter the Conair Canada #WinItWednesday contest on Instagram for your chance to win 1 of 2 infinitiPRO by Conair Finishing Brush with Argan Oil Treatment Strips!


  • Single entry
  • Open to Canada residents
  • Excludes Quebec
  • Ages 18 and older

Enter Conair Contest

Contest ends June 24, 2015

About Conair

Conair Curl Secret

This is one of THE most popular products from Conair right now. The Conair Curl Secret is a styling tool that everyone is talking about. Even if your hair is difficult to curl, this product will create gorgeous curls like you have never seen before.

The secret you might ask?

Well, those perfect curls are created in an automatic curl chamber. Don’t ask me how it is done because Conair will not give up that secret. All we know is that the chamber works wonders. It’s as if by magic the perfect shaped, perfect dimension, perfect shiny curl is born.

Why people love the Conair Curl Secret

It’s easy to see why people are falling in love with this product. Here are just a few pros;

  • Heats up in just 30 seconds
  • Tangle free feature
  • Motion Detector
  • Automatic shut off feature
  • and much more.

Conair Infinity Collection

Find a variety of styling tools to meet your everyday needs. Stainless steel design and features that make them second to none.

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london drug contest

New Contest From London Drug and Ocean’s pole & Line Tuna!

Enter to win an all-inclusive trip for 2 to the beautiful Sonora Resort!


  • Single Entry
  • Open to AB, BC, MB & SK Only
  • Age of Majority

Enter London Drug Contest

This contest ends June 30, 2015

london drugs june 14

London Drugs Contest for Alberta residents

Enter to win 1 of 9 $500 Calgary Stampede Prize Packs containing the following;

One Level 2 End Section Rodeo Ticket
One Level 2 End Section Evening Show Ticket
Souvenir Program for both events
Two WestJet Sky Ride Tickets
Two $5.00 Food Vouchers
20% discount at Stampede Store
20% discount voucher at all Lammie’s Western Apparel locations


  • Single entry
  • Open to Alberta residents only
  • Age of majority

Enter London Drugs Contest (mobile-friendly link)

Contest ends June 30, 2015

About London Drugs:

London Drugs has its headquarters in British Columbia and currently has 76 stores in Western Canada provinces: Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Founded in 1945

Store Locator

Find a Store Near You 

This brand is just not about the Pharmacy aspect. They also sell electronics, computers, beauty supplies and more. A full service computer department can be found in store as well.

London Drugs is 100% owned and operated by Canadians.

There are 75 stores across Western Canada right now and continues to grow. People tend to keep coming back. Some of the main reasons that cause people to do this is the fact that they have warm customer service(Pharmacy as well as floor staff), great prices, clean atmosphere, and more. Survey’s have shown that people leave this store pleased with their overall experience.

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