Free Sample of Axe Cool Metal

Free Sample of Axe Cool Metal

Axe Canada is having a Giveaway on Axe Cool metal.

Here’s the instructions:

1. “like them on Facebook.

2.On the left hand side there is a button That says “AXE Babe Bracket ( Click On that)

2.5 Must allow app to follow you.

3. There is a Voting thing you can do, but underneath that says “FREE Sample” Click On Free Sample.

4. Fill out information

5. Wait 6-8 Weeks for it to arrive in your mailbox.

Axe is a very popular brand amongst young men and teenage boys. Personally I can’t stand most of the body sprays, but I don’t mind the smell of some of their body wash products – I have a teenage boy still at home – and he does use some of the products they carry – but I stopped purchasing the sprays – I’m so happy he’s over that stage.



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