Bissell Mother’s Day Coupon Code Save 15% Off

Bissell Mother’s Day Coupon Code Save 15% Off

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New Bissell Coupon Code.

Save 15% off in celebration of Mother’s Day

Coupon Code: HAPPYMOM

Shop Bissell Canada 

Expires May 11th 2014

About & History:

  • Bissell has been around since 1876 . They have spent years developing cleaning tools and products to help you keep your carpet clean.
  • A Mr. and Mrs Bissell invented a Carpet Sweeper back then, and it was patented in 1876 and In 1883 the first factory was built.
  • Mr Bissell passed away in 1889 , and Mrs. Bissell stepped in and became America’s first Female CEO!
  • In 1950 Bissell invented a new multi purpose formula to help with cleaning carpets.
  • Bissell also acquired the Woolite Carpet and Upholstery business. 

From floor cleaning equipment to the cleaning formulas, homemakers look to Bissell Canada. Not all floor cleaning machines are made the same. Bissell Canada has developed a solid reputation that you can trust for all your floor care needs.

Bisell Canada offers handheld portable machines for the car as well as just about any floor cleaning machine you might need for your home. When you want it done right, do it with a Bissell.

When Melville Bissell created the first vacuum cleaner in 1876 he probably didn’t expect it to be so popular. His first machine was made at the request of his wife. Her complaint was that she struggled to get sawdust out of the carpet in their shop. Since then, Bissell has expanded to an international level. Now wives in Canada know they can rely on Bissell for all their carpet cleaning needs. Whether you need something to keep the truck floor clean or an entire floor cleaning system for the house, look to Bissell Canada.

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