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Bounty Coupons

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Did you know you can order Bounty Coupons by mail? Well over at PG Brandsaver they have two coupons for you to order. Here’s the following Bounty coupons you can order.

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Save $0.50 on your next purchase of Bounty paper towels or Bounty Napkins.

This coupon does state that it Excludes the single roll – so you need to find a package of two or more to use.

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Price of Bounty Paper Towel

  • The regular price at Walmart Canada for a two pack of bounty paper towel is $3.48
  • The regular price at Walmart Canada for Bounty Quilted Napkins Twin Pack is $7.48

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If you love P&G other paper products, you can save when you buy two different brands.

Save $1.25 When you purchase any two different brands of Bounty-Charmin-Puffs

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Bounty History

Procter & Gamble acquired Green Bay back in 1957. At the Time Green bay was the tissue maker of Charmin Towels . P& G recognized the growing demand for paper towel and began doing the research to make it strong yet soft.

Bounty is a brand name for paper towel products owned and marketed by Procter & Gamble from the United States. This brand was launched in 1965. Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget , a Swedish manufacturer purchased the UK rights of the product Bounty, in 2007. Since then, the product has been rebranded as “Plenty” in the U.K market. P&G holds all rights to the name “Bounty” and their product keeps on sale under that name in the US market.

In the 1960s, actress Nancy Walker appeared in several TV commercials in the United States, in which she played Rosie, a waitress using Bounty to clean up spills and demonstrating its features. Bounty UK advertising features two large men wearing wigs and dresses referred to as Brenda and Audrey carrying out household tasks that necessitate paper towels and making comparison to other products. Today, this brand is one of the most famous manufacturers of paper towel products.

Bounty Dura Towel Commercial


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