Canada Dry Real Good Together Contest Plus $150 000 Giveaway!

Canada Dry Real Good Together Contest Plus $150 000 Giveaway!

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Canada Dry Contest for Canada (Need Pin Codes)

It’s the $150 000 Family Feud Giveaway from Canada Dry.

There are instant, daily, and weekly prizes available to be won PLUS a chance to participate in the Grand Prize Showdown.

How To Play

  1. Look under the cap and inside specially-marked Canada Dry or C’Plus products, or on the front of a Canada Dry PIN card
  2. Each PIN submitted gives you one chance to WIN an instant Daily Prize, a Weekly Prize and entry into the Grand Prize Showdown!
  3. Play the Family Feud game for bonus entries into the Grand Prize Showdown!


  • Open to Canada residents only
  • Age of majority or older

Here is a rundown of the prizes up for grabs;

  • One(1) 2015 Subaru Legacy
  • Two(2) $2500 cash prizes
  • One hundred and twenty seven(127) Air Canada Vacations gift certificates
  • Cuisinart Small Appliances
  • Napolean Grills
  • Two(2) 65″ Sony Tv and Home Theatre Sound Systems
  • Eight(8) Frigidaire professional appliances

Enter Canada Dry Family Feud $150 000 Giveaway Here

Contest ends August 31st, 2015 at 11:59:59 am ET


* indicates required

Canada Dry Brand

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group purchased the Canada Dry Brand in 2008.

It as been around for over a century and continues to be a favorite for many people all over the world. Known as ginger-ale to most.

I can remember being given this as a child to settle an upset stomach, and boy did that stuff work.

The word “dry” comes from the fact that it is a soft drink but not so sweet. Sort of like a dry wine.


  1. Since i remember my mother every 2 Sunday was using Ginger ale to cook a chicken … so Saturday night the big treat was popcorn and a glass over Ginger ale and watching hockey

  2. Love the diet ginger ale have been drinking it for years and will continue to do so.

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