Canada Dry Real Good Together Contest Plus $150 000 Giveaway!

Canada Dry Real Good Together Contest Plus $150 000 Giveaway!

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Canada Dry Contest for Canada (Need Pin Codes)

It’s the $150 000 Family Feud Giveaway from Canada Dry.

There are instant, daily, and weekly prizes available to be won PLUS a chance to participate in the Grand Prize Showdown.

How To Play

  1. Look under the cap and inside specially-marked Canada Dry or C’Plus products, or on the front of a Canada Dry PIN card
  2. Each PIN submitted gives you one chance to WIN an instant Daily Prize, a Weekly Prize and entry into the Grand Prize Showdown!
  3. Play the Family Feud game for bonus entries into the Grand Prize Showdown!


  • Open to Canada residents only
  • Age of majority or older

Here is a rundown of the prizes up for grabs;

  • One(1) 2015 Subaru Legacy
  • Two(2) $2500 cash prizes
  • One hundred and twenty seven(127) Air Canada Vacations gift certificates
  • Cuisinart Small Appliances
  • Napolean Grills
  • Two(2) 65″ Sony Tv and Home Theatre Sound Systems
  • Eight(8) Frigidaire professional appliances

Enter Canada Dry Family Feud $150 000 Giveaway Here

Contest ends August 31st, 2015 at 11:59:59 am ET


* indicates required

Canada Dry Brand

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group purchased the Canada Dry Brand in 2008.

It as been around for over a century and continues to be a favorite for many people all over the world. Known as ginger-ale to most.

I can remember being given this as a child to settle an upset stomach, and boy did that stuff work.

The word “dry” comes from the fact that it is a soft drink but not so sweet. Sort of like a dry wine.


  1. Hello: When I first started I could never get my pin accepted. NOW I get everyone accepted. I use a small magnafing glass to see clearly. You need to use capitals for letters. Make sure to scroll down and check the two boxes where they ask if you read the rules. etc good luck..have fun playing Family Feud

  2. When I try to enter the pin number under the cap, I’m told it’s an invalid pin. I’ve double checked it and I’ve entered it correctly- what’s going on?

  3. I have purchased the product and it will not accept my pin numbers . do you have a resoulution for this yet as I want to make sure that I am entered in your contest . pn # 69JRKG3KRKFK
    this is on the case of Canada cans dated FE2916BNE …08;47 1
    inside box says APR 15 15 1309 AJAX 115C28232C

    sandy dionne

  4. I also went to the store and purposely bought a bottle of Canada Dry so that I could enter this contest! It said 100,000 contest on the front of the bottle so I figured it was the right one. When I got home and tried to enter the pin under the cap, it told me that it did not recognize the pin number. GRRRRR! I will try again since I really could use a new washer and dryer in the worse way!

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