Coupons Canada Abbreviations, Acronyms, Do’s & Don’ts

Coupons Canada Abbreviations, Acronyms, Do’s & Don’ts

I thought I would go through some terms and short forms that are commonly used when referring to coupons.

BOGO=Buy One Get One ….

B1G1FREE= Buy One Get One Free

WUB2= When You Buy Two

FPC= Free Product Coupon

CNP=Coupon Near Product

CRT=Coupon on Register/Receipt Tape

FAR=Free After Rebate

MIR=Mail IN Rebate

PM=Price Match

TEAR PAD=A Pad of Coupons or MIR near a product display

PEELIE=Coupon you Peel off a Product/Package

WYB=When you Buy

AC=After Coupon (the price after you use a coupon)

AR=After Rebate (final price after you get your rebate)

IP=Internet Printable Coupon

NED=No Expiry Date

RC=Rain Check

SCOP=Scanning Code of Practice

SMP=Specially Market Packages

HV= High Value (coupons)

SPC=Student Price Card

TMF=Try Me Free

These are all I can think of right now, but please, if anyone out there has any more – leave them in the comment section and share them with everyone else. :o)

I also thought I would add to this post some of my thoughts of what I personally consider as some do’s and don’ts in the Canadian coupon world.

When you see a tear pad of coupons displayed near a product on a store shelf, do not take the whole darn pad of coupons. Take as many coupons as you think you will legitimately use. You can take a few to save for upcoming sales or if you are an avid trader, our coupon train rider. Please do not take coupons for the simple sake of taking them. If you are never going to use them then please leave them for people who will.

If you have extra coupons while shopping and you see someone struggling or discussing the prices of one item vs. another and you just so happen to have an extra coupon for one of those items, then why not offer it to them? I know it can be a little awkward offering someone a coupon but only one of two things will happen. Either they will say “no thank you” or a huge “thanks, that is so nice of you”. If you have never done this before it gives you a really good feeling inside knowing you are helping someone else.

Another random act of kindness you can do with coupons is if you have a couple coupons that are about to expire you can always leave them on the store shelf right beside or even on top of the item. The next person that comes along to purchase that item gets a little treat of finding a cent off coupon right there in front of them. I have done this and have found them too. It always makes me smile. I will however caution you that if you go around Shopper’s Drug Mart or somewhere else littering their entire store with your coupons they may ask you to stop.

Always be informed. Before you try to use printable coupons, for example, make sure that particular store accepts them. It is not proper etiquette to wait in line with your groceries just to discover they won’t accept your coupons. This can cause you and the cashier to become frustrated . Don’t do this.

If a coupon specifically says one per purchase per transaction, politely ask them if they could ring in your items separately. Most cashiers will oblige you, however some will protest. I simply explain that I will be using all these coupons one way or the other and I really don’t want to come back into their store every single day this week and repeat the process. They usually get it and either ring them all in at once or do multiple transactions.

Do not stand at the check out and start sorting through your coupons looking for them. Have all your coupons out and ready before you head to the checkout. I personally tell the cashier before we even start that I will be using coupons. All of the items I intend to use coupons on I leave to the last to be rung in. This is especially usefully when you are using self check outs. That way you just hit the coupon button, give the clerk your coupons and she can easily see all the coupon related items in one bunch at the bottom of her screen. This really makes it much easier when using FPC.

My final thoughts for today’s post is please just be polite when shopping with coupons. If a cashier questions a coupon you are trying to use, it is usually because they don’t truly understand it. Sometimes just pointing out the fine print or specifications laid out on the coupon will clear things up. When you run into a problem just ask to speak to a supervisor or manager. Sometimes they will simply ask me, “Where did you get this?”. Many times when I tell them Rouge magazine or from smart source or red plum than they stop questioning me and just put it through. I think when they see anything a little different they are instructed to question it in more detail. If there is anyone out there that works in a grocery/department store maybe they can shed some more light on this subject by leaving a comment.

In general if you look like you know what you are doing than the whole process goes a lot smoother. Remember if you have mitt full of coupons to cash in, you might not want to pick the busiest day and time of the week to shop. No one likes to be caught behind the crazy coupon lady when they are in a hurry. (Self-check out is where I like to go).

Well that is all for today’s Canadian Coupon post.

Please stay tuned in to Canadian Free Stuff, because I am not done quite yet. There is still one more blog posts yet to come in this series.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave you comments below.





  1. This might be worthy of a new post/discussion, but has anyone tried cross border couponing? I am so frustrated by the differences in countries, I’m considering figuring out how to do it! I’d love to know others’s thoughts/ideas/experiences!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. Best of luck in your couponing adventures. Before too long -you won’t want to buy anything without coupons. Happy Couponing and welcome to the site :o)

  3. All I can say is “WOW!!!” This was an amazing blog & so very much appreciated!! As I am a 1st time Mom & couponer :D This site has really helped me get started.
    I am very excited to start saving $ for my family!!
    Thank you so much for all your time & effort!!! You have been a huge help <3

  4. Thank you SO much for sharing your expertise! You just can’t know how helpful it is to have a resource like this for Canadians. I’ve just had a baby, and I really don’t want to go back to work if I don’t have to. If I can become proficient in coupon using, maybe I can make this dream come true! My husband is a proud cheapskate, and he is so excited by this!

  5. Grandmalorrie-oops, thanks yes BOGO does make more sense. Must read my own content more carefully next time.

  6. Sharon -Thanks for sharing- I have done this and was pleasantly surprised how good the chocolate flavour silk is. Great Deal! :O)

  7. Jessica I will certainly consider doing an additional post about price books -however not this week-sorry lots of other projects to get done first :O)

  8. Marian Thank you for the wonderful idea of using Excel to keep track of expriy dates. I tried something simular once but to lazy to keep it up to date and accurate. -doesn’t being a coupon fairy feel so good! :O)

  9. Cheap Canuck- Smart Source and Red plum will either come in your local paper or with your weekly flyers. I had to go to my local news stand the first time and look through all the major papers before I figured out which paper had the flyers in it. Different cities will have it in different papers. Home delivered Spectator has it but only Toronto Star has it at the newstands. Just look before you buy to make sure you are getting the coupon insert.

  10. Hi There.

    Sorry, I am slightly confused. I have kept my eye out for these ‘red plum’ and smart source’ coupon flyers but I am coming up empty handed. Are these circulars that are only in certain areas?

    As always, thanks again for all the amazing information!

  11. Hi, Cheetah, I love your blogs. I saved over $300 in coupons in 2010. However, I did not work full time from January through September. With money tight, it was easy. This year I am working full time, so it is not going to be so easy. Regarding your last blog – filing them and listing them – I use a dollar store filer and use Microsoft Excel to list them by expiry date. I find this works. Regarding giving a coupon away – I was at a restaurant and had a couple of BOGO coupons for that restaurant. The couple at the next table were figuring out who was going to pay. I leaned over and gave them one of my coupons. They appreciated it so much. It made me feel good.

  12. Cheetah – I’ve really been enjoying your series of articles. I have been soaking them up as best I can and hoping I can share in your success with coupons by following in your footsteps. I’m hoping you might consider doing an article on how to create a Price Book. I’m feeling a little lost as to how to really get one going that is going to be useful. Thank you

  13. The web is such a good resource for coupons going directly to the company site or their facebook. Anyone who enjoys soy milk check out Silk they have a $2 off coupon when you register on their site. When their product goes on sale (lowest I have seen is $3.49) it makes it less than 2 for one with coupon!

  14. Thank you Kim for your comment- yes I did discuss this in one of my other posts and you are absolutely right you do get more with honey than vinegar. I always try to let companies know when I am really pleased with their product but if I am really disappointed I won’t hesitate of letting them know that either. Maybe it will help them improve their product. Thanks again

  15. You may have mentioned this in a previous article and if so I apologize for repeating it. One good way of getting coupons and freebies from companies (other than asking for them) is to send them an email praising their product. Or if you’ve had a not so good experience, NICELY letting them know. This works for me most of the time. Have your name and address in your email signature, that way they can take it upon themselves to send out a mailing. Once I emailed a company to let them know that was my first time trying their product and I absolutely loved it! It wasn’t long after that, that I received a couple of coupons for a ‘free’ product. Another time I was disappointed with one company and I emailed them to kindly let them know how disappointed I was (not mad). They apologized, sent me coupons for a free product and hoped that I would give it another try. Whats the saying … You catch more flies with honey than vinegar

  16. Pink Girl- thank you for your comment. I am glad you found some of my posts useful. I agree sharing coupons gives you such a wonderful feeling. Unfortunately there is only one more blog post scheduled for tomorrow. I had to cut it down to one last one since I combined two topics one day when I tended to ramble on a little too much, lol. I will however be posting all week long, great ways to save this week (in Ontario at least) I just have to sit down with my flyers and coupons and find some great deals to share with you all. Best of luck and hope you continue to enjoy our posts hear on Canadian Free Stuff. :O)

  17. I’m so grateful for all of your help Cheetah, I’ve spent all afternoon doing things you have mentioned in the other posts. I e-mailed about 5 companies asking for coupons, I hope it works out! Is there a certain company you can suggest that is good for mailing out coupons when requested?
    I’ve actually gave people coupons in stores and it is a great feeling. I can’t wait to go out tomorrow and buy my binder and my stuff to go in it and get the ball rolling. I’ve been doing this for a while now but it’s time to get serious about it and save even more. Looking forwards to your next two blogs:)

    Pink Girl~

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