Online Boxing Week Clearance Event at Canadian Tire

Online Boxing Week Clearance Event at Canadian Tire

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Canadian Tire Boxing Week Clearance Event

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canadian tire nov 11


Canadian Tire News!!

There is word that Canadian Tire is set to take over 12 of the former locations that Target used to occupy.

This announcement came on Wednesday and is said to cost a whopping $17.7 million. This deal still needs to be approved by court-appointed trustee but it looks as if we will see more Canadian Tire stores in various locations.

Bigger stores mean more inventory in stock, plus a better shopping experience. More stores also mean that they will be more conveniently located.

Here is a list of the old Target stores that will become Canadian Tire stores in the very near future, if everything goes as planned.

  • Bayers Lake Power Centre, Halifax.
  • Northwest Centre, Moncton, N.B.
  • Place Alexis Nihon, Montreal
  • Place Versailles, Montreal.
  • Les Carrefours Rimouski, Rimouski, Que.
  • Aurora Centre, Aurora, Ont.
  • Sudbury Super Mall, Sudbury, Ont.
  • Grant Park Shopping Centre, Winnipeg.
  • Driftwood Mall, Courtenay, B.C.
  • Tamarack Shopping Centre, Cranbrook, B.C.
  • Village Green Mall, Vernon, B.C.
  • Hillside Centre Victoria.

What do you think of the latest Canadian Tire news? Are you going to benefit? Is there going to be a store near you? Share your thoughts below.


canadian tire oct 27

All other provinces can look forward to switching over to digital money at Canadian Tire.

The first province to have the opportunity was Nova Scotia(October 10th).

The rest of Canada can now enjoy this new way of earning those rewards!!

Canadian Tire Money is going digital!!

This is great news for those of you that find yourself searching the cupboards, drawers, and all over your home looking for the endless amount of crumpled bills when you are planning a trip to Canadian Tire.

Redeeming your Canadian Tire Money just got so much easier.

This company made the official announcement today.

My Canadian Tire Money is the New Loyalty Program that will see customers reaping the benefits even faster.

Nova Scotia will be the first province to have the privilege of trying this program on October 10th, 2014

The rest of Canada can look forward to collecting those e-money rewards shortly after, on October 28th, 2014 to be exact.

For those of you that still have the paper Canadian Tire money lying around you can still redeem your paper bills if you are paying by cash, debit, or Canadian Tire Options Mastercard.

Benefits of E-Canadian Tire Money

  • Download the Canadian Tire Mobile App to earn 10X e-Canadian Tire ‘Money’ when you use your Canadian Tire Options MasterCard
  • Collect e-Canadian Tire ‘Money’ when using other credit cards, not just cash, debit and Canadian Tire branded credit cards at Canadian Tire stores.
  • No paper receipts to worry about therefore making returns so much easier.
  • No expiry date on this emoney
  • View weekly flyer, create shopping lists and so much more
  • Collect money on automotive services
  • Personalized offers that interest you are sent directly to your mobile device.

Click here for more information on the My Canadian Tire “Money” Program. 

Ongoing offer


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A little background on the Canadian Tire Brand

They have been around since 1922 and have become a trusted name to many people. They offer a wide range of products from apparel to sporting equipment.

Automotive: Helps keep your car running smoothly. Offer service, tires, and accessories. Offer Canadian Tire Road Assistance programs.

Everyday living: From household products to cooking and cleaning you are sure to find many products that make your everyday life just a little easier. Not to mention great products at great prices.

Home repair: If there is a job that needs to be done around your home, Canadian Tire is the place to be. From power tools, hardware, home repair and paint, you can find it here.

Sports: If you are into sports this brand offers equipment, accessories, clothing, etc for some of the following sports; running, hockey, yoga, snowboarding, skiing, soccer and more.

Clothing: Find brand names that are sold at Marks Work Wearhouse locations;  DH3, Ispiri, Denver Hayes, T-Max and WindRiver.

Financial Services; Did you know that Canadian Tire as a Mastercard Program as well as a financing program.

Click here for more information.

 Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program

Kids from ages 4-18 who cannot afford to play sports are encouraged to take part in the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program. They help parents pay for those expensive fees like equipment, registration fees, etc.


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  2. Wow, Canadian Tire store, one of my very favourites, I’ve never ever won any money,and believe me I’ve entered many because I’m on low income so this would be a blessing, I have a CanadianTire store up from me and the things I need when I go in there, This would be a blessing, Thankyou so much for a chance

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