Chapman’s FREE Ice Cream

Chapman’s FREE Ice Cream

Chapmans FREE Ice Cream

Chapmans FREE Ice Cream

Did you know that you can email Chapman’s Ice Cream company and they will send you a $4.00 off coupon?

Redeem this coupon on many Chapman’s products in store and get them absolutely FREE!!

Please note; they only give out coupons once per year so take note of when you last requested it. If you have not yet contacted them, do so now to grab that FREE PRODUCT COUPON!!

It would also be nice to leave them a short message letting them know how much you enjoy their products. Not all companies will give out a high value coupon to their customers like this.

Click here to request Chapman’s FREE Product Coupon!!! Send them an email at with your request

Thank you Chapmans!!


Free Stuff When You Join Chapman’s Kids Club

Chapmans FREE Ice Cream


Join the Chapman’s kids club, and get FREE stuff!

Once you join the kids club, you earn points by playing games and doing other fun activities. Use your points to “buy” your free prizes!

Current Prizes Include:

  • Bookmarks – 1500 points
  • Keychain – 2500 points
  • Chapman’s Dolls – 15 000 points
  • Bowl and Spoon – 10 000 points
  • Sport Lolly Coupon – 3000 points
  • Blue or Green Gel Point Pen – 1000 points
  • Six inch ruler – 1000 points
  • Cow Bags – 3000 points
  • Chapman’s Baseball Hat – 5000 points

Join The Chapman’s Kids Club


Chapmans FREE Ice Cream

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The Chapman’s Brand

Did you know that Chapman’s is a Canadian owned and operated company?

It was founded in 1973 by David and Penny Chapman.

To date, it is THE largest ice cream producer in Canada. This company also manufactures ice water products.

Chapman’s Ice Cream

This brand is most well-known for the Chapmans Ice Cream.

Creamy and delicious with a lot of love thrown in.

They are all about family, kids, and producing the highest quality products out there today.

The packaging, price, and fact that you can get peanut free, fat free, and a wide variety of Chapmans Ice Cream attests to their high quality to customer satisfaction.

When I am grocery shopping with my kids, they always, ALWAYS go to the Chapman’s products first. They love the taste and the bright colors and just the brand in general. I like it because of the low fat options that they offer. I feel good letting my kids eat this for a treat.

Chapman’s Slice Cream

Have you heard of the new Chapman’s Slice Cream?! Sort of like a cake, sort of like ice cream.

Oh my gosh, this product is absolutely delicious! Just slice the creamy dessert into the size piece you would like and sit back an enjoy.

Come in a variety of mouth-watering flavors.

The next time you find yourself at your local grocery store be sure to try the New Chapman’s Slice Cream. You will not be disappointed!!



  1. Chapman’s no longer gives out coupons. They sent me an email in response to me sending request. You need to remove this and stop posting it

  2. This is the email I just received, after responding on time by sending an email, and nothing on their website about it….

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding the availability of coupons. This year we will continue to offer one coupon per year per household However due to the large volume of request we are no longer able to offer this coupon via email requests. Please watch over the next few days as we will launch a “New” coupon option on our website ( ).

  3. i emailed – they actually AREN’T sending coupons in response to email anymore. You have to click a link on their website now. This promo has degraded over the years unfortunately.. it used to be a $5 coupon for ANY Chapman’s product, which I always saved to buy my one tub of candy cane ice cream.

  4. Is there any way my clipboard can be mailed to me as I don’t have a printer to print off the coupon. My Address is 180 haig rd apt 110 belleville on k8n 5k2

  5. Thanks for letting us know. I am looking forward to it. Please keep us posted when since I do not have a Facebook account. Thanks again.

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