FREE – Coca-Cola Stickers

FREE – Coca-Cola Stickers

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Coca Cola FREEBIES for Canada 2016

Send in a feedback form to Coca Cola and request stickers and they will send you a thank-you letter that includes free stickers.

This is little fun freebie that I thought you guys would enjoy.

Request your FREE Coca Cola Stickers Here

Offer is ongoing, while supplies last.

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Coca Cola Canada

This brand of carbonated soft drink is very popular in Canada and around the world.

They have an ongoing feud with Pepsi brand.

Find various Coke products in stores, vending machines, and restaurants all over Canada, and even the world for that matter.

Coca Cola was first introduced way back in 1886 and continues to be a icon with both young and old alike.

Did you know?

Coke is not just about carbonated beverages. They also produce products like juice and sports drinks

Share A Coke

One very popular promotion right now is the “personalized” Coca Cola bottles and cans. People seem to be running out and looking for their name or the name of a loved one. I have even seen teens searching for their favorite music star’s or actors names.

Well played Coke….well played.


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