Costco Contest – WIN the All-New 2016 Ford Fusion

Costco Contest – WIN the All-New 2016 Ford Fusion




New Costco Contest

Costco Members can enter for a chance to win a New 2017 Ford Fusion Energi Platinum Plug-in Hybrid


  • Single entry
  • Open to Canada residents only
  • Costco Members only
  • Age of majority
  • valid drivers licence and insurance

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Contest ends September 30, 2016

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History of Costco

The First Costco opened it’s first warehouse in Washington in the year 1983.

Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton had a plan to merge with Sam’s Club but however Costco merged with Price Club, it ended up doubling the size of each of them. After the merger Price Costco had 206 locations. PriceCoscto separated in 1994.

In 1997 the company changed it’s name to Costco.

There is 85 Costco’s in Canada Today

Kirkland Signature is Costco’s store brand, ( or private label)  Costo introduced it’s housebrand in 1995.

Costco focuses on selling products at low prices, at a high volume. The products are bulk packaged and marketed to large families and small businesses.  Costco limits it’s price markup on items to 15%.


  1. ULCK 6K0254 Being a senior don’t have no car to get around, sure would love to have a car, which is so easy to get into.

  2. Yup pretty Frustrating ….. could you enter my code Please QMVXKR0152 Thank you>>>> even as frustrating as this is we still love shopping at Costco

  3. Yup pretty impossible !!!!!!!!!!!! Can you enter my code for me Please QMVXKR0152 Thankyou>>>> even as frustrating as this is we still love shopping at Costco

  4. I tried many times,gave it up,I threw my entries in garbage bag ,it looks like a falls commercial

  5. I tried to enter my entries but can’t find a way to do it,is this a set up from Costco or Ford?very frustrate and disappointed .what do I need to do,throw my entries in garbage bag and see it as a falls commercial ?

  6. I drive a ford Escape 2013 my wife drives a ford fusion 2010 we definately would appreciate a new Fusion for our retirement years 69–and 67

  7. Tried for 20 minutes to enter contest, couldn’t figure it out so watched ball game instead. You would think that it would be as simple as …. Name, member number, voucher number, done… apparently not!

  8. Tried to enter contest several times, it keeps telling me my postal code is wrong and will not allow me to past continue to finish process to enter pin number for contest.

  9. I would love to enter your contest for the car, but it is very confusing and it just keeps bringing me back to the beginning and not allowing me to enter contest. It is a loop no place to enter information or pin number. please fix this problem.

  10. I need a newer model car because I am driving 15 yrs old car and I guess its going to go sooner or later. So pls can I get a new car.

  11. I’m trying to enter a contest for a 2017 Ford Fusion QZW7950153 hope win I need a new car

  12. My email address has changed ,would love to enter contest ,but my aplication keeps refusing because the e-mail address is incorect

  13. I must say that I agree with the first writer above (Giuseppi Caligiuri). What a painful process trying to enter this contest for a 2017 Ford Fusion. I gave up trying after 20 minutes of numerous dead-end attempts. Could be that my grandkids can help me lol.

  14. I believe that Costco needs to address the very very confusing entry process to the contest to win a 2017 Ford Fusion. Firstly, the top of the contest web page reads as follows:

    Costco Contest – WIN the All-New 2016 Ford Fusion

    Secondly, when one selects the “contest to win free car” menu option you are taken to another window and then you select what appears the correct menu item only to be taken back to the original window etc. etc…. There is no option to enter the pin found on the leaflet. Is this an early April Fool’s Day joke!

  15. I drive a 2003 Chev Cavalier over 244k on it, cracked windshield. Uhm, new car needed i’d say! thanks for the Chance Costco!

  16. it would be great to enter yyour contest but it doesnt like me and after 6 tries i give up i guess i was never intended to win anything from you

  17. Are you people serious?? You think that if you ask nicely someone will give a car to you ??

  18. I visit your store every week. Prices are so good.
    I am a senior and I would love to have a car.

  19. Our family should need a second car. Have considered some brands, Ford is the first priority one.

  20. A new car would be very much welcome in our household. We shop at Costco and enjoy going there very much.
    I would recommend giving Costco a try.

  21. I REALLY need a car to drive my grandkids around especially because my husband always has the car sitting at work so I am stuck here.

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