Walmart Just Paid Me $6.10 in Overage

Walmart Just Paid Me $6.10 in Overage

Walmart Just Paid Me $6.10 in Overage

Walmart Coupon Shopping Trip April, 17, 2014

I have been slacking at couponing lately, ever since Dec 31, when most of my coupons expired, and I found it to over whelming to clean out and reorganize my coupon binder.

I’m glad I finally got around to it, because there is an AMAZING sale at Walmart Canada this week! The Sunlight laundry tabs are on sale for $2.78 (reg $6.79) and there is a coupon that came out a couple weeks ago in the SmartSource coupon inserts for $4 off! So Walmart gave me $1.22 for each of the Sunlight laundry tabs, but wait it gets better. In the same SmartSource coupon insert booklet, there was a coupon for “Free Sunlight dish soap, when you buy any Sunlight laundry detergent (excluding 10 packs)” So I also got the dish soap free (regular $2.50 each)! So they paid me $6.10 to take 5 laundry detergents and 5 bottles of dish soap.

Now since Walmart won’t actually give you the cash, but it can be applied to other purchases I bought a huge 2kg of Kraft peanut butter, which was on sale for $5.97 (reg $9 each) and I had a $1 off coupon for that (printable, no longer available) it only cost $4.97. I still a $1 off coupon for the Royale Velour, which was on sale for $7.88 (reg $12 each), so I got it for $6.88.

*Note: The it was my cashiers first day on the job, so she had the STORE MANAGER  helping her ringing me in.

So only paid $5.75

to buy it all a regular retail price it would have been around $67.45

For a total of 91% savings Walmart Just Paid Me $6.10 in Overage



  1. That’s a great score! The coupons says ‘cannot be combined with other coupons or offers so my local Walmart wouldn’t take it. But sometimes they do, you just have to try!
    The SmartSource & RedPlum coupon inserts come in your local newspapers. We have 2 free ones in my community that are delivered to the door twice a week. Make sure you are getting your free local newspapers delivered or if they don’t deliver, see if you can pick them up at your local community centre or library for free!

  2. I had those coupons. How then was this done when the coupon states one coupon per purchase?

  3. I wish I knew where to find these coupons too. SmartSource always seems to have such good ones.

  4. How unlucy that your Walmart won’t give you overage as cash. It’s in their policy that they will. However my local Walmart will not allow us to combine coupons that states “not valid with any other coupon offer” as the Sunlight coupons state, so I’m not able to get in on that deal.

    Happy cleaning!

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