Crush Canada Giveaway – Win 1 of 50 FREE Sunglasses!

Crush Canada Giveaway – Win 1 of 50 FREE Sunglasses!


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New Crush Facebook Contest

.Enter for a chance to win 1 of 50 FREE Sunglasses. Keep those eyes shaded and look great while doing it. We might have to say goodbye to Summer but the cool factor still remains with a little help from this awesome Crush Giveaway.


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  • open to Canada residents
  • age of majority

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Contest ends September 18, 2015 at 6pm ET


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Crush Products:

591 ml bottles of:

Crush* Orange, Grape Cream Soda and Lime

Dr Pepper* (Regular and Diet), Cherry Dr Pepper

2L bottles of:

Crush Orange (Regular and Cream Soda (Regular)

Dr Pepper (Regular and Diet)

Schweppes Ginger Ale (Regular and Diet)

12 x 355 ml packs of:

Crush Orange (Regular and Diet), Cream Soda (Regular and Diet) and Grape

Dr Pepper (Regular and Diet) and Cherry Dr Pepper

Schweppes Ginger Ale (Regular and Diet)


  1. When are you coming out with the rainbow flats with diet grape? I’ve been checking all summer save on foods, walmart, no frills. I wait every year and buy 5 flats for the year. Your late!!! I thought they came out after June 1. I even had everyone at work buying flats to get diet grape. Why not at costco? Why not year round? Why not in individual cases??? This stuff is so addictive we fight over it in the house hold. Please decide to diet grape us this year!

  2. LOVE DIET GRAPE CRUSH. You can only get it in the big rainbow packs. Wish they sold it separately. For a change put some in gingerale.

  3. Hi, I would really love to enter but after I fill in the form.. & hit submit.. It sends me to a site that says… About bkank… And it’s blank! Sooooo frustrating! This is the ” only” pop my family of 5 drink!!:(

  4. I have over 300 entries in this contest already but I did win one of the bluetooth speakers!! YAY!

  5. Definitely love lime and cream soda and grape they are delicious I grew up drinking them and still do

  6. Cold pineapple crush is just the greatest thing you can drink to quench your thirst… anytime & anywhere!!!!

  7. Grape crush is my weakness! Its so tough to come by in my home town :(… would love to win!!

  8. I have always love the Crush drink . can’t get it here only sometimes and u have to be quick . would love to win . thank u

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