Dare Canada Contest: Win 1 of 3 $1000 Shopping Spree Plus Free...

Dare Canada Contest: Win 1 of 3 $1000 Shopping Spree Plus Free Bear Paws For Year

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  • Open to Canada only
  • Daily entry
  • Age of majority
  • Quebec friendly

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Contest ends on September 11, 2016


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Dare Foods

This company is based in Canada but as factories in the United States as well.

Dare products are sold in North America as well as about 25 other countries. This worldwide distribution is widely part of their popularity growth over the years. There are currently 7 plants that manufacture everything from cookies to RealFruit Gummies.

A man by the name of Charles H. Doerr is the founder of Dare Foods. His humble beginnings started back in 1892 when he began selling cookies and candies in a small grocery store. It was located in the province of Ontario. Kitchener, to be exact.

He went on to create the company C.H. Doerr Company in 1919. Eventually, one of his grandsons took over the business and changed the name to Dare. One of the main reasons was people could pronounce it so much better. It was also more recognizable because of the shortness of it.

http://mypenegrande.it/pene-piu-lungo.html pene piu lungo Popular Products

There are a wide range of Dare products that we all know and love. Including, but not limited to Bear Paws, Viva Puffs(my father’s absolute favourite treat), Breton crackers, Realfruit gummies, Realfruit Mini;s, and more!!




  1. we enjoy shopping at safeway quality of product is always top of the line in meat & produce we wish you would sell dempsters raison bread its the one we like best the check out girls are always friendly to so ty from the two of us

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