Exteme Couponing – How to find Coupons in Canada

Exteme Couponing – How to find Coupons in Canada

Exteme Couponing – How to find Coupons in Canada

Hopefully you have decided to join the Canadian coupon craze and start cashing in on the great savings.

One way to find Canadian coupons is just to simply look around. Look in your local paper ( smartsource Coupons ) , magazines, in department and grocery stores and on product packaging. Another great way to find coupons that you will actually use is to talk to people.

Tell family and friends and co-workers that you would love to save more money by using coupons. When I started out there seemed to be some sort of stigma attached to using coupons.

In the USA  lots of people use coupons. In fact, it is very common. Sometime if you don’t use coupons, people will actually ask you why not? Here in Canada, we look at it a little differently. Some people think “only poor people use coupons”. I have a totally different view. “Only uninformed people don’t use coupons”. People that have no idea how much you can actually save. Even if you are not financially strapped, why wouldn’t you take advantage of coupons to save money or experience new and exciting products that you might not otherwise be able to try? Besides, the money you save can then be used to treat yourself to something nice.

Whether Canadian couponing interests you because you are trying to support your family on a limited budget or you just want to stash away a little extra to treat yourself at a later date, “talk about it”. You just might find that you have an acquaintance that is a “secret” coupon user. Once they know you are interested, they might just tell you their tips or even share or trade coupons with you.

So, let’s get to it. The majority of the Canadian coupons I find, are first discovered on the internet. As previously mentioned (in yesterday’s post) start searching the web for products you use all the time.

Sign up to all the company websites that interest you. BUT make sure you are looking and signing up to the CANADIAN sites. If you are searching Covergirl make sure it is Covergirl.ca not Covergirl.com. Some sites make it hard to tell whether they are Canadian or USA. I usually scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the information in the fine print. If it shows a USA city/state chances are you are on a American site. Sometimes there is an option at the top of the page to change the country. This will redirect you to the Canadian site. You will find examples of this on the Tide website and the Greenworks website.

Now that you have found some Canadian friendly websites, the next step is to sign up for their newsletters. Some companies have different issues of  their newsletters. Always check off any boxes that say promotions, samples and coupons. However be careful,  if you also sign up for “select screened affiliates” you may end up with 10 newsletters instead of just the one that interests you. Once you get their newsletter, look at it! Sometimes coupon offers are at the bottom of the page or on the sidebar. Sometimes they just mention it and you will have to visit the website and sign in to actually view it. This is the way it is on the lifemadedelicious.ca website. After you request coupons it may ask you if you want to be contacted for future promotions. Say “yes”. Also sign up for Facebook and Twitter. “Like” company’s face book pages and that way when they are running a coupon or sample promotion they will post it on their wall and you will automatically see it in your Facebook feed.

I recently joined Twitter and was amazed to find many people tweeting about Canadian coupons. If you find someone online who has a blog about saving money in Canada then why not follow them on Twitter? You can follow me @smartcheetah. Some companies even host Twitter parties where you can join in on the conversation and answer time-limited questions to win prizes and coupons. There is a Dove Chocolate one on as I write this. Tweet your New Years’ resolutions and you might win a coupon. (Not 100% sure if Canada and/or USA though).

One more great way to receive high value Canadian coupons is to do surveys. Surveys can be a great way for companies to offer you coupons. For example I always do the shopper’s voice survey. If you are not familiar with this one, you might have seen it in your mailbox in the past. It usually comes in a larger yellow envelope and is not addressed to you personally. I discovered that you can do this survey on-line. However, I will caution you this is a very long survey and you must set aside some time to do it. Grab a comfy seat and a nice cup of tea or java, (you will need it to say awake). This survey is well worth the effort. At the end of the survey it will ask you if you want to trade in your penny that they give you for doing the survey and use it to be eligible for samples and coupon offers? Say “yes”. In 3 to 4 months down the road you will receive a nice plump envelope chucked full of high value coupons. FPC (free product coupons) $1.00, $2.00, $3.00 off , buy one get one FREE coupons as well as some free samples.

You can also e-mail companies directly. Yes that’s right. Just find a product that you love or even a product that you were disappointed in an let these companies know what you think. Good or bad. Most reputable companies appreciate the feedback and some, but not all, will reward your efforts with a coupon. There is no harm in even asking for one. When I was just learning the ropes, I had trouble printing out a coupon from the General Mills website. My printer just wouldn’t co-operate. I clicked on the “contact-us” tab on their website and shot them off an e-mail. I tried to sound very business like and explained the issue I had on their site while trying to print out a coupon. They quickly e-mailed me back and told me not to worry. They had just mailed me out some coupons from their head office instead. The coupons I received were like little cheques made out in my name. There was five of them, each for $1.00 off any product they produce (very cool). I was thrilled and became an instant fan. If you are not happy with a product or it doesn’t perform, tell them. Ask if they would consider giving you a coupon to allow you to give them another try. I have only done this twice and it was because I had true, legitimate complaints about their quality control. I must say however that I would much rather give praise where it is due instead.

One last way to find coupons in Canada is to search for them using keywords. It doesn’t matter which search engine you use. Try Google and then try Yahoo and see if you get different results. Do this when you have extra time and want a change of pace. Try searching – manufacturer coupons, brand name coupons, new Canadian coupons, grocery coupons, buy one get one free offers. Use your imagination and different combinations of words. Re-define your results for Canada pages only. This takes some time but you can usually find some this way. The easiest way to start finding coupons is to join me on Canadian Free Stuff  and just simply click the coupon tab at the top of the page and go wild. There are lots of coupons listed here that our members and staff have already found to share with you all.

Until next time, Happy Shopping Everyone!





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