Extreme Couponing-Tricks of the Canadian Coupon Trade

Extreme Couponing-Tricks of the Canadian Coupon Trade

Ok, when I first sat down today to write about this topic I was a little afraid I wouldn’t have enough content to talk about. I knew that after 5 years of Canadian couponing I must have learned some “Tricks of the Trade”. Well good news, I have learned a thing or two over the years. So on to the next couponing lesson.

If you are really going to come out ahead by couponing you have to know your pricing. I know this sounds a little obvious, but I quickly found out that I really didn’t know pricing as much as I thought I did. There is nothing more frustrating than standing at a store shelf wondering if the store sale is really a good deal.

I suggest creating a price book. This is really easy to do. Just get a small notebook or notepad and start writing down common items you buy all the time. Beside each item write down the best price you have seen that item on sale for. When you see that particular item again, check your price book to see if that item is a good deal or not. You will eventually get a good feel for what price certain items should be. For example I know without hesitation that $4.99 or less on Royale Bathroom Tissue (12 rolls or more) is a good deal especially since I always have a $1.00 off coupon to use. I know that Nature Valley Bars regularly go on sale for $1.99 so I will never pay any more than that. Get to know if it is truly a sale or just an advertised price. There is a difference. Look and learn what an item should be at regular price and then you will easily determine if if the sale is worth it or not.

Canadian Free Stuff has put together their very own Price Book that everyone can use.

Check out this fantastic new feature by clicking the link below.


Once you start using a price book it will also be easier for you to figure out unit pricing. What I mean by this is you can more quickly see if buying the larger super size item is a better deal or not. Sometimes bigger is not always better. If it is double the size but also more than double the price, it is not a deal. Carry a calculator or use your cell phone for easy calculations. Example Sobeys has Kraft Dinner on sale 2/$1.00 my price book tells me it is regularly .98¢ (so this is a good deal) Wal-Mart has a 12 pack case of Kraft Dinner for $7.97. When you do the math Wal-Mart is charging .66¢ per unit compared to Sobeys that is .50¢ (Wal-Mart is more expensive but still a good deal)

Another trick to remember is what I like call the “double whammy”. Look for great sale prices by looking through and reading your weekly flyers. If you don’t get them delivered to your door you can read most of them on-line at flyerland.ca. Combine the sale price with using Canadian coupons and turn it into a super deal. There is absolutely no reason why you cannot do this. I have never been denied using coupons on sale items. Some people think because some coupons say that it cannot be combined with any other offer that this refers to having the item on sale. What it actually means is that you cannot use another coupon at the same time on that one single item. Also please remember that sometimes buying more than one item and using a “buy 2 and save” coupon is often a better deal than just buying one item and using the single purchase coupon. If you have a coupon to save .50¢ when you buy one item and another coupon to save $1.50 when you buy two item, than the second coupon is the one to use.

Check out this awesome new feature here on Canadian Free Stuff. 

We now do all the flyer/coupon match ups for you! It is super simple. Just find your area’s coupon match up section. Then you can check off the store you are interested in and checkmark off all the deals you want to get this week. Scroll down and hit the PRINT button and there you have it. Your entire flyer/coupon match up shopping list printed out and ready to go- AWESOME!!

Click here to access the Canadian Free Stuff COUPON MATCH UPS

When collecting coupons from store shelves don’t just take one. If it is an item you buy all the time and the coupon doesn’t expire for a while than take three or even more. However taking a whole pad of coupons is not acceptable - it is just wrong. Don’t take more than what you plan to use yourself or can use in a trade or  train. (we will talk more about trains and trades  in a future post). When using manufacturer or store coupons don’t pay attention to the picture. It is what the coupon actually says that is important. If the coupon shows Olay Ribbons in the picture, read the coupon, it might say save on any Olay product or it might list 3 or 4 different items that the coupon can be used on. Remember, sometimes there is just not enough room to print more than one picture on a coupon. If a coupon says “save on any size” then remember that includes travel sizes too. Lots of these items are very low priced, so if you use your coupon on these, they will probably be free. If the cashier questions you about this just simply point out that the coupon clearly states “any size”. I will however mention that companies sometimes specify not to be used on travel sizes (I think they caught onto us on this one) lol.

Another hint, is to never run out of the basics. Don’t wait until you really need something and then be forced to pay a ridiculous price for it. For items that don’t quickly expire, buy them when they are on sale and use your coupons. I do this with items such as dish soap, laundry soap, shampoo, tampons etc. Also remember when a store puts a limit on the quantity you can buy, just simply pack up the kids or take a couple of friends with you. Hand out the cash, distribute the coupons and point them in the direction of the sale. Divide and conquer.

Oh just thought of another “trick of the trade” I can’t believe I almost forgot this one. If an item is on sale and you didn’t get there on time and the product is already sold out don’t worry simply head on over to the customer service desk with your flyer and ask them for a rain-check. A rain-check will allow you to get the sale price when they re-stock that item. Remember some stores put a 30 day expiry date on their rain-checks and others don’t. If they still don’t have the item in stock at the end of the 30 days just ask them to extend it or issue you a new one.

An easy trick is to get stores to price match. Price matching is when a store will match or beat a competitors price. In order to do this you will need to first know which stores in your area price match and once you do, just take your weekly flyers with you to the store. Show the cashier the flyer and ask them politely to price match that particular item. This way you are not running around town from store to store and wasting all your coupon saving money on gas for your car. Stores that price match in my area are Wal-Mart, Zellers, Canadian Tire, Future Shop, Toys R Us, Sears, Real Canadian Super Store. I have also read that London Drugs and Save on Foods will do the same.

Speaking of London Drugs, you can really get some savings there. Unfortunately we don’t have one in my province. At London Drugs you can stack coupons. This means that if you have more than one coupon for the same item but they must be  different coupons with different bar codes so you can use them all at once. I am so jealous of people who can shop at London Drugs. If there was one here or another company that allowed stacking they would for sure get my business.

This leads into my next point I wanted to make. Get to know your stores’ coupon policy. Just about every store has a set of rules when it comes to couponing. The problem is most cashiers are never trained in this. It is up to you to know your stores’ policy. If you are a serious couponer you will have a copy of each stores policy in the back of your binder. Since policies can change over time make sure to stay up to date. Here are a few to get you started. Canadian Coupon Policies. You can actually e-mail your local stores and ask them their couponing policy. Most will send you an email back with all the details.

Another great tip is to take advantage of mail-in rebates. These also can be found on store shelves, on packaging and on-line. Simply buy that specific item, retain your receipt and circle that item on your receipt. Fill out the mail-in rebate offer and enclose it with your receipt in an envelope and mail it off. I love getting the cheques in the mail. It really does feel like found money. You pay for the product and usually get the full price back, so you really are getting the item for the price of the stamp. I just received a nice rebate cheque for my laptop yesterday. $75.00 back in the bank!

Take advantage of rewards and point systems. Remember there are Air Miles, HBC points, Shopper’s Optimum, Aero Plan Miles, Club Sobeys, etc. Also lots of products offer a points or rewards. Check out Lean Cuisine and Lunch-mates for example.

Oh I just thought of a really good one to add to these. Learn your stores’ “Scanning Code of Practice” What this means is that some stores, depending on their policy, when you or they scan a product at the checkout and that item comes up at higher price than listed in the store or advertised in their flyer you are eligible for a discount. Some stores policy state that if the item scans wrong you will get that item completely FREE!  However, if the item is a higher priced ($10.00 or more) they will give you $10.00 off instead. They won’t catch this error, nor will they tell about their rules in regards to this. It is up to you to know your prices and watch as the items are being scanned. I recently was shopping at Fortinos and saw that Maple Leaf Prime Chicken Tenderloins were on sale for $6.99 and I had a $2.00 off coupon. This was enough incentive for me to take advantage of the sale and finally give them a try. When I went to the self-checkout and scanned them they rang up at $8.99 (the regular price) I immediately told my hubby to stop scanning and called the cashier over and explained that they scanned through at the wrong price. I hinted that they should be FREE for not scanning properly. She called for a price check and motioned for her supervisor to come over. They gave me the chicken completely free and I retained my coupon. I sent my daughter to retrieve another box knowing that they would not allow this again (it only applies to the first item when buying multiples) and used my coupon to still get a second box for just $4.99 when I used my coupon. I scored two boxes that would normally be $17.98 at regular price for just $4.99. I love it when this happens.

So to wrap things up – remember don’t use coupons until the item is on sale, get rain-checks for items not in stock, don’t wait until you run out of something to buy it, collect rewards and point, learn your unit pricing and remember buying in bulk is not always the better deal. Read your coupons, look at expiry dates, and most importantly take your coupons with you everywhere. You never know when you are going to find a great sale.

I hope I have been able to help you with these little tricks of the trade I have learned over the years.

I look forward to your comments.

Happy Couponing Everyone!





  1. thank you so much for the awswome tips i learned soo much from this article. thank you for taking the time to share all your wonderful tips. for me the hardest part is keeping track of what a good price of an item is and i think i will try writing prices down… hopefully it works… im excited …and my boyfriend thinks im nuts :P LOL

  2. Tammy: Thisisagreatblog.Firsttimereadingyourtips.Ihavebeencouponingforonly10monthsnowbutIamsavingalot.Cutmymonthlygrocerybilldownby$1000whichishalfofwhatIwasspending.IhadseenExtremeCouponingontvandmadeitmyNewYear’sresolution.ItworkedandIcan’tbelieveIshoppinganyotherway.Igotmyneighboursonboardandnowhostcouponmeetingsonceamonthinmyhomeandhostover20onemailchats.NotsurewhatcityyouareinbutIwishourRealCanadianSuperstoredidpricematching.IloveWalmartsinetheyhavenolimitonitemswherewelive.Ihavealsosharedatipofgettingmultiplecouponsbyhavingmorethen1emailaccountandaddress.Shipcouponstoyouworkoryourparentshouse.Alsogotomanufacturerswebsitestoseeiftheyhavecoupns.Backtoschoolshoppingwasgreat.WenttoHollisterwebsiteandtheyhad25%offentirepurchase.TheyhadsaleitemsandthenIgotextrasavingsontopofthat.Michael’sCraftstoreattimeshas25%ofentirepurchaseevensaleitemsontheirwebsite.Perfectwhensaleitemsarealready50%off.JustsomemoretipsIhaveshared.HappySavings!

    AWESOME -AWESOME-AWESOME I wish I could get all my neighbours involved that would be great fun! Thanks for your comment and extra tips :o) Happy couponing -cheetah

  3. This is a great blog. First time reading your tips. I have been couponing for only 10 months now but I am saving alot. Cut my monthly grocery bill down by $1000 which is half of what I was spending. I had seen Extreme Couponing on tv and made it my New Year’s resolution. It worked and I can’t believe I shopping any other way. I got my neighbours on board and now host coupon meetings once a month in my home and host over 20 on email chats. Not sure what city you are in but I wish our Real Canadian Superstore did price matching. I love Walmart sine they have no limit on items where we live. I have also shared a tip of getting multiple coupons by having more then 1 email account and address. Ship coupons to you work or your parents house. Also go to manufacturers websites to see if they have coupns. Back to school shopping was great. Went to Hollister website and they had 25% off entire purchase. They had sale items and then I got extra savings on top of that. Michael’s Craft store at times has 25% of entire purchase even sale items on their website. Perfect when sale items are already 50% off. Just some more tips I have shared.
    Happy Savings!

  4. Elyse,
    “I recently was shopping at Fortinos and saw that Maple Leaf Prime Chicken Tenderloins were on sale for $6.99 and I had a $2.00 off coupon. This was enough for me to take advantage of the sale and finally give them a try. When I went to the self-checkout and scanned them they rang up at $8.99 (the regular price) I immediately told my hubby to stop scanning and called the cashier over and explained that they scanned through at the wrong price. I hinted that they should be FREE for not scanning properly. She called for a price check and motioned for her supervisor to come over. They gave me the chicken completely free and I retained my coupon.”

    I just wanted to remark that some stores will not give you the item free or the $10.00 off if you correct the price with the cashier or at the cash register, but rather only after you have paid for it and then take the receipt to the customer service desk.

  5. Elyse,

    The rules are a little different in the states. Some stores in the USA alllow what they call coupon stacking. This is where you can use more than one coupon on a single item. Many stores also have what they call coupon doubling. Where your .50¢ coupon will double up to $1.00 at the register. Alot of the people on the show admit to using coupon clipping service, where they actually buy coupons from a company. (They never take this amount into account when calculating how much they sale) They should because if it costs you $100.00 to get the coupons, that is what you are losing in overall savings. If a coupon states it cannot be combined with any other offer, that simply means you cannot use any other coupon with it. It DOES NOT mean you can’t use it on a sale item. I only use coupons on sale items. I wait for the big sales and use as many coupons as I can. The whole idea is to find the product at the lowest reduced (sale) price and then also use a coupon. You can do this. It is perfectly fine and ever store allows it -with no questions asked. Good Luck and happy couponing!-Cheetah

  6. Hi Cheetah,
    congratulations for all the helpful work that you do here. I just watched an episode of Extreme Couponing on TLC, and I am very amazed at what they can achieve with their coupons!! But there is something I cannot understand. How can they use multiple coupons for the same products? (They sometimes buy more than a 100 of the same items, and use so many coupons for the same product.)
    Isn’t it written on the coupon that there is a limit of 1 coupon per purchase and by client???
    And how can you apply a coupon on a product that is already on sale if it says that it cannot be combined with another offer???

    I am confused, please help me!

    Thank you!

  7. Kaylee,

    I think as long as it has a upc or bar code and the remittance information you should be ok-sometimes just before a coupon prints you will see a pop up with your prinnting preferences -if so, you can change the size of the coupon to “fit the page”or make it smaller. I will try to figure out what program I have on my home computer this weekend for you. :o)

  8. Kaylee,

    Wow you stumped me with this question. I once about 3 years ago allowed a coupon printing program to download and ever since then it just automatically prints my coupons. I will see if I can find out for you.

  9. Hello,

    I have just started using coupons and am loving this site. I am wondering what a good program is to download to print coupons so they aren’t so big.

    Thanks :)

  10. Hello,

    I have just started using coupons and am loving this site. I am wondering what a good program is to download to print coupon your coupons so they aren’t so big.

    Thanks :)

  11. Kelly,

    Thank you for your comment Kelly. I am glad you found the info useful. With a little time spent each week, you really can save alot of money. You will be amazed and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Best of luck and happy shopping. cheers~cheetah

  12. Thank you so much for all of your awesome information! I find myself living pay cheque to pay cheque. No matter what I do, I just can’t seem to have any extra dollars left in my bank account after two weeks. With student loans, and regular bills I’ve given up on having lunches, or suppers out and rely strictly on the grocery store for my meals. There is no doubt in my mind that your tips will help me save even more! I have no idea that you could use a coupon on a sale item, or that you could stack your coupons at certain stores. I’m so excited to get started, and to get saving!! Thank you!!

  13. Kelly:

    What do u suggest for a price book? What size? What kind? How should it be organized?

    I use a very small dollar store coiled book. It is only about 5″ x 7″ in size with lined paper inside. I just jot down the items I buy on a regular basis. toilet paper, shampoo, deoderant etc. Right down the regular price vs the best price you have ever found that item for. That way at a glace you know if the store sale is a good one or not. Remember to write down the size or quantity too so you can see if the larger bulk size is really a better deal or not. Hope this helps. :o)

  14. I am a mother of 4, a daughter aged 23, and 3 boys aged 7, 6, and 4. Then my daughter has 2 children, a 3 year old son and a 14 month old daughter. In October, my husband and I took custody of our daughters children while she gets on her feet, then she moved in with us while she goes to school. So our house is very full at the moment and neither my husband or I work. We live on disability that doesn’t include our daughter and grandchildren in any way. So funds are very, very tight. I watched the show on tlc for the first time tonight and was floored by the deals people are getting, so i had to look it up on-line. this is the first site i found and I love the tips you have given, and now it’s time for me to put all that information into action and find one of my many empty binders that I have somewhere packed from our recent move and get to work. Thanks so much for your help and I’ll be keeping my eye open for anymore news that you may have in the future.

  15. Hi
    Have four kids from 9 to 17 years old. Just stopped working this week and you know how expensive it can be for 6 people to eat. I recently started using my flyers to try and get better deals. Now I would like to start couponing. On line, do you print your coupons or do you receive them by mail? Also, since I just started using the computer, I am a little technically challenged. Oh yes, I realy found this information very good. Thanks!

  16. Wow what great information. Thank you so much for sharing. I am new to this “coupon” thing and have been doing a lot a reading and research. This article really helped me to clear thing up. Thanks so much. Now to start getting brave enough to stack coupons and London Drugs. ;)

  17. I guess I am not the sharpest tool in the shed because I have read over the store coupon policies and I am still a little confused. I need cliff notes lol

  18. Cindy, all my best wishes as you start you couponing journey. It can take a while to get the hang of it but before long you will be amazed how much you save and wonder why you didn’t start sooner. Cheer Cheetah

  19. Thanks for your comment Selina. I am so happy that you found the series helpful. I saw the show on TLC myself and the owner of Canadian Free Stuff and myself thought the timing would be great to show people what they could do here in Canada. Remember to check out the main forum here especially the coupon section it has lots of wonderful coupons listed for everyone to share. Enjoy.

  20. I agree Michelle, wait for the sale and than leap on it like a mighty cheetah and cash in those coupons. I get rain checks at Zellers, Fortinos and other grocery stores but I must admit I haven’t had the need to ask walmart for a rain check lately. Good luck and happy couponing don’t forget there are lots of baby websites too. Like huggies , nestle good start, heinz, beachnut, etc.
    Thanks for you comment-cheeth

  21. I’m so excited to start on my journey of couponing. As I then will feel like I’m helping out my family as I cannot work due to illness. Thank you for all your advise.

  22. I watched a show on extreme couponing last night and I was floored at what I saw. I spent much of this evening trying to figure out how to get coupons and a method to all this madness… Then I came across this site… and… Jack Pot! lol

    thank you for all the hard work you have put into this site, it’s greatly appreciated by this newbie. :)


  23. I was told at walmart they don’t do rain checks. Has anyone else gotten them? I am wondering now if I had just gotten an employee at an off moment. Thanks for all the great information, and I am going to be sad to see your series of post come to an end. I have always been a deal hunter and used coupons, but now am starting to get more serious about it. I tried once before wheny first son was born, but didn’t find too many resources. With baby number three on the way I am excited to make another go of it! With all these great tips, and great websites I am doing great! One tip that I would include is to always look for extreme deals paired with coupons on things even if they are not on your list. It is easier to save if you are not desprate to buy, and can wait for a bargin :)

  24. Sarah if that Walmart was getting more in than I would ask for a rain check but since they were not maybe take the flyer elsewhere, close where you know they have it and see if another grocery/deparment store would price match for you. However don’t mention that Walmart if out of it just that you would rather shop with them if possible. :) that’s what I would do. Thank you for you comment I love reading these.

  25. OMG Collette, sounds like you got awesome deals. Wow two times you caught them using the scanning code of practice. That is crazy. Note to self watch more carefully at Walmart! lol Thank you for the wonderful comment. :O)

  26. Hubby and I were at Walmart the other day looking to buy Good start baby formula that was on sale. We looked around everywhere for this item and couldn’t find it. I sent Hubby to the service desk to see where it was. The lady said that they must be sold out and they wouldn’t be getting any more in. (since we buy alot of formula, we knew they have never carried this can (it had an extra 20% more in it). So we were out of the deal. In situations like this, what would you do? We weren’t sure if we should go to the shelf and grab the same can (without the 20% off of course), or drive 45 minutes to the other Walmart and see if they carried it. I find Walmart really confusing sometimes when it comes to their flyers especially when buying toilet paper! Thank you do much for cresting these posts!

  27. I was at Walmart today and was trying to remember what Cheetah had said about couponing and especially the scanning code of practise. Well I came across the Special K cereal and in the aisle the price was $3.97 a box but on the end cap it had a sign that said $3.47. I had a websaver coupon for $1 off. So I grabbed a box and scanned it. It scanned at $3.97. So knowing I would likely get that one free, I grabbed another to use with my coupon. Sure enough that is exactly how it played out. Got two boxes of cereal for $2.47. They also had the Raisin Bran on for $2.47 and with my $1 coupon it was a great deal. They also had the value packs of Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioner on for $6.00 and I used my P&G coupon worth $2.50 and was able to get both bottles for $3.50. I had three coupons so I was a happy camper. And finally, I also got a free bag of frozen Green Giant peas because it scanned incorrectly. It pays to pay attention to Cheetah and at the check out. Thanks again for the info.

  28. caramel tart-thank you for your comment. Couponing is something we all can do to save more money and try new and interesting products. I love sharing what I have learned and hope to continue learning from others as well. Thanks again-Cheetah

  29. cheetah, I just started to look into this because of the couponextreme show, the new one probably has set off alot of people to relized how much they could actually save, including me….lol…..just wanted to say thanks your making it easier to get a start in learning about all this stuff and not getting caught up in the smozzies of it all who promise on thing and show you a million others till they finally say they can’t help you……LOL
    your awesome, thanks

  30. Besides getting coupons mailed by save.ca, another great coupon site that mails you your coupons is websaver.ca. What is especially great about this coupon site is that when you use one of the coupons they mailed to you they donate 5 cents to a charity.

    Does anyone know of other mail-in coupon sites besides the two I mentioned above?


  31. Tiger you are incorrect, sure some people buy tons of junk food at a time and may over indulge. But truthfully the person is the one whom chooses which coupons they order or take and how many times they buy or get the product. And there are coupons for things that are healthier. And not all coupons are for food… What about products for cleaning? And deodorant and medical items like Tylenol and meters for diabetics?

  32. Cheetah, you say you have never been denied coupons… I tried using a coupon once at Costco and was told “they” don’t take coupons. What are your thought’s about Costco???

  33. keep them comming, cheetah! Awesome job! Um, do you know of anyother sites besides save.ca that will mail out their coupons? I don`t havr a printer to print out any. Keep up the good work!

  34. this was wonderful , now I can refer people to this when they ask about how to coupon shop. I hope it inspires thoes that dont coupon to try it.

  35. I just have to say very well done!! I am just getting in to the couponing world and I’m so glad I found this … it is a great starting point with a lot of useful advice … I’m off today to get a binder and start my pricing list. I would be interested in places I can find coupons … there’s just so much out there on the internet it’s hard to know where to start.

    Thanks again

  36. For the Scanner Accuracy program, all stores that are a part of it have the code posted up at their tills (that place you put your purse to dig out your wallet? Look there, I find it’s usually there.) Anything below $10 is free, above $10 you get $10 off.

    This only applies to the first item, but it’s still good to know! You can even find out ahead of time what they are if a place has those scanners to check the price.

    I’ve got it a few times, paying attention to the prices works great!

  37. Tiger-thank you for your comment however there are tons of coupons for fresh meat, household cleaner including greenworks which are enviromentally friendly and I often use coupons for items such as advil, shampoo, razors, as well as milk, bread and other healthy items. However I must agree it sure would be nice if we could get coupons for fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs and other whole foods. I like using coupons to try new products. I would much rather cash in a coupon to try something than pay full price and be disappointed. I don’t hoard tons of bad for you foods since I have been on a health kick for the last years. BTW I weigh all of 110lbs so not getting fat over here by couponing. You do however make a valid point that people should consider-Thanks

  38. Cheetah,
    Extreme couponing only increases you obesity. Have you realised that most coupons are for processed food also known as dead food that will never expire. do you think retailers will offer coupons for healthy food..no way. they are too glad to push dead food down our stomach while they pocket the cash.

  39. firma I am writting a post right now for tomorrow about my favourite websites. thanks for your comment :o)

  40. Faithn yes- all the grocery stores and department stores will give you a rain check at least all the ones around here in Ontario do. And yes I will do doing a post just dedicated to getting organized and setting a routine for couponing. :) thanks for your comment

  41. Wonderful tips! Thank you so much! How can I learn my stores “Scanning Code of Practice” and their coupon policies? I’ve come across a copy of Wal-Mart’s Coupon Policy online…where can I get an ‘official’ one? Love your blog BTW!

  42. Also you can use store coupons and manufacturer coupons together,i didnt know that untill i started working for rexalls.

  43. Thanks for putting together such great articles. I’ve been couponing a few years not, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded! Btw, do grocery stores give out rainchecks? That, I’ve never tried…

    And, are there tips on how to organize your coupons? Sometimes I find I have so many, I lose track of expirary dates… I think that would make a great article :)

  44. damn…wrote a whole article and computer lost it….anyways….I love your comments and know that this is a full time job for you. I too have been “couponing” for a few years now..and not only are the savings a big bonus…but it is kind of a “thrill” for me…really gives me a “high”…my husband thinks I am so funny cuz I get soooooo excited when I tally my savings at the end of my receipt.
    Keep up the wonderful work….would love to see some sites from you that are perhaps “off the beaten track”..I think I do all the regulars..maybe you could give us a few others

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