Facebook Pulled our Page for Viral Content without Warning or Explanation

Facebook Pulled our Page for Viral Content without Warning or Explanation


Facebook Pulled our Page for Viral Content without Warning or Explanation!

-We had a Vegetable Recall Alert that went Viral on Facebook – I mean viral with over 40k shares and over 1.5 million views  in the course of 28 hours.  Link to Post that went viral 

The last update was about Bell and donation for each fan they received –  with a direct link to Bell Canada’s fan page: This facebook update was only seen by 2000 people when the entire page vanished.

We have not received any communication from facebook. - No warning – no email – No explanation! 

We stay up to date on rules: We never say “share or like”  and always use a third party application to host facebook contests.

I don’t remember the last time we got a warning – perhaps two years ago about a problem with an image used !

Perhaps Viral Post problem?

When this post went Viral – we received 4 Private messages to stop notifications from fans  – and we responded to please Unlike the page.  As any page owner can NOT Remove Fans . Perhaps to many people complained – and Facebook just deleted the page?

We’ve had posts go viral before – but this one seemed to create chaos on our servers – so I’m guessing it’s the best viral post in a long time.

Perhaps Lack of CFS spending money on ad dollars? 

I’ve tried paying for ads but felt it wasn’t worth it  – I think we only spent $250 ( We’ve been on Facebook since 2009) until January 28 2014 – at 5pm MST when the page simply vanished without warning or Explanation

Perhaps We have upset Facebook because of Growth of this viral post! – We gained 734 fans in the course of 28 hours ( Crazy Growth)

Or Perhaps because of viral content – with complaints – we were not even reviewed due to Canadian Free Stuff not being a huge spender of ads

We obviously have attempted to contact Facebook several ways – and NO RESPONSE 

Facebook has Executed us without a Trial – or a Charge for that matter 

If Facebook can unilaterally pull your Facebook page after years of hard work without any details, what is the value of a Facebook page for business?

We are very upset to loose our 51, 627 Fans – and if you are upset and want to help us – attempt to either get an explanation or our Facebook page returned back Please do the following:

What Fans Can do to help

Fill out this form and tell them to bring back our Facebook Page   https://www.facebook.com/FreeSamplesCouponsContests and You miss us already.  – you can even show them this blog post

Tweet and Use any social Media to spread the word!  – Send it to your local Radio Station or Newspaper! 

About https://www.facebook.com/FreeSamplesCouponsContests


Last Image I could see:


What I don’t see As Page owner:

  • No Your page was removed as violation of xyz reason
  • How to Apply a Review

 Click here to go to OUR New Temporary Facebook Page


Canadian Free Stuff Facebook Page  since 2009 – Helping Canadians Save Money by delivering Hot Free Samples, Coupons, contests and hot deals to its fan including Exclusive Fan Contests


  1. I do understand what your thinking – but everyone else I know that has “violated that rule” at some point – Got a warning – Their page did not vanish! Everyone that I have talked to previous to our page disappearing – Had an email – explaining the violation and how to request a review – For us – No warning NO explanation absolute nothing. And I have found about 6 other business fan pages that disappeared this way on the same day!

  2. Hi this is Justin from canadiancoupons.net Our marketing team at Canadian Coupons have dealt with Facebook a couple times on such policies. Here is what we came up with but this is not set in stone by any means. It is OK to use share and like in posts but not if you are requiring them to do something for the likes, shares or comments. In your example it looks like you had mentioned that people should share so they wont get sick. This could be considered misleading and a requirement for the share. eg. If you don’t share you or someone else might get sick. While this is far fetched this is how Facebook looks at it and we think the line is grey and obviously for contests and giveaways the rules are much stricter.

  3. Here are some links to posts in the Facebook Help area by several people whose pages also disappeared on the 28th…
    My facebook fan page has disappeared

    My business page disappeared this morning

    Who Had Their Business Page Disappear on the night of 1/28/14?

  4. I filled out the form asking for your acct to be reinstated.
    If there is anything more I can do to help, please let me know.

  5. Heather who else lost pages on January 28, 2014 ? I’ve done lots of google searches and don’t see anything posted online about it – or anything to do with Facebook doing a mass delete.

  6. Rose – what did you do to receive a response from Facebook that they wanted to send you a text to restore your page? How did they contact you? I would like them to follow up with me!!! :(

  7. They shut down my Facebook page too shortly after I clicked on the Compliments post. They want to send me a text to start restoring it. and I have a land line. There is no place to explain that I do not have a cell phone so I guess my page is gone and not retrievable. All my contest entries are gone as most of them are linked to facebook. Good luck having your facebook page restored. Facebook is being ridiculous. I did not do anything against their rules either.

  8. One more thing I wanted to add, was that are you sure that Facebook had a reason to remove your page, or are you just assuming? Like I mentioned, there are A LOT of people who had their pages disappear on 1/28/14 with no violations, no warning, no explanation (including me) and I am submitting forms over and over to see that this gets the attention it should!

  9. You are not the only one, MANY people had their Facebook pages disappear the night of 1/28/14 – me included after spending THOUSANDS on ads over the years and growing to nearly 40,000 fans!

    See these posts in the help center, if we band together there is power in groups – justice must prevail here!

    My facebook fan page has disappeared

    My business page disappeared this morning

    Who Had Their Business Page Disappear on the night of 1/28/14?

  10. Thats just not right. Not right at all. Yet pages that post nudity and actual vulgarities , posts regarding sick and beaten children requesting you “like and share this image and facebook will donate 1$ for each like/share” dont get shut down ? This is absolutely rediculous. I hope they come to their senses and bring your page back and that they start to go after actual pages that shouldnt be there. -.-

  11. And this is why I will never be on Facebook. Facebook is a “company/business” that has ruined too many lives. I’ll stick to your website to get information. Thank you.

  12. Wow this is ridiculous. I don’t understand how it bothered people that it went viral? When you say you received messages, were they getting notifications?

  13. Message sent, glad they don’t control this site. Maybe in the interim you could set up a temporary page? They can’t really prevent that. Good Luck CFS!

  14. *!*WHAT*!* I wasn’t sure what was going on. I thought may-be CFS had blocked ME from their page but I didn’t remember really ever doing anything there except one time I asked for friends that like coupons and contests like me. Yesterday I was surprised when the CFS page wouldn’t load but thought maybe a glitch or maybe it was me? Today it dawned on me to come over & WOW UNREAL! Will sent emails daily. Wishing you all the best CFS! Good Luck!

  15. We want our site back, we liked the Canadian Free Stuff website, please put it back up!! I was entering a contest for a Coke fridge on that site!!

  16. I really hope that you get your page back, but at the same time I really doubt it can happen. When big companies take something down, it is usually for some stupid reason. They don’t care at all to bring it back!

  17. Facebook messaged. Hope you’re back on Facebook soon! It’s not right that they did that, and especially without warning or explanation!

  18. I have sent an email to FB to have them restore your page in light of all you did was try to prevent your adoring fans from getting food poisoning

  19. Might it have something to do with that NuGlo offer that went “viral” so that NuGlo had to send emails to so many people saying the sample would not be available as they did not expect the response they got? Possibly NuGlo complained about your site to Facebook and that got your page pulled? Just a thought.

  20. I, too, sent them an email asking for an explanation. However, they are “a law unto themselves” and seem to do whatever they want to.

  21. Your not the only ones. They are deleting pages all over the place. Neither of the 2 I know of posted the recall so I don’t think that was it. I did send FB a message to complain though on your behalf. They are shutting down and banning personal pages as well that share to much or accept too many friends at a time :(

  22. Well that just blows! I know some people’s personal pages get axed from sharing too much, what about your giveaway, were there a ton of entries? It was automatically sharing, I personally like that form but you never know, a post went viral? I never seen a huge amount of posts from CFS and I am on all day, I will contact them but will it help? Nazi regime? I know a few of us were told we shared too much for the day and had pages blocked for 48 hours and then you get them back, hope yours comes back!

  23. Hope you get it figured out. i had read that facebook would be pulling pages that share pictures constantly, and my quess is you were a victim of that. A few sites have disappeared in the last few days. Is it possible that you will create a new page? From my understanding they no longer want it to be a site that shared picture they want more written comments going forward. Facebook Nazi’s.

  24. I’m grateful I’m on your mailing list and will still be able to be in contact with you. What FB did is definitely wrong, however; it seems impossible to fight the giants. Perhaps you could get some of the other Freebie pages to put the word out to contact you if they were a fan of your page and hopefully, you’ll get back a lot of your fans.

  25. I love your page and I this it is horrible. I watched them take Strictly Canadian Coupon and Contests as well with no warning.

    Sadly your post that was intended to HELP people stated that people should share the post and that in itself is a violation and clearly all FB needed to yank your page.

    I started a petition when Strictly’s page was pulled but never heard a word. There is no board to contact, no people to call, nobody to plead your case to. They just remove you and you are gone. Maybe it is time to start a new petition.. One that changes the rules on FB? One that demands we get a trial, a hearing an explanation , a warning to the page? I would start it myself but you have a lot more clout than I do.

    Just a suggestion and sorry for the loss of your wonderful page.

    P.S. I have no doubt that when the freebie posts go out some business’s complain when they are hit and not prepared for it. It might be wise to contact these business’s and ask if it is ok to post the link on a freebie site?

  26. Wendy it can be – when its a contest – regardless if your hosting it.
    Example: Say Loreal has a contest on their website ( not even facebook)
    You can say Enter this contest – share it with friends.
    – you will get a violation for it. – Many pages got hit with this one and did have pages removed – but this is something we never practiced anyhow.

  27. I am so sorry to hear that, I sure hope you can get back up on your feet. Even though I have my own
    Contest Page, I was still a fan of yours. and I never knew telling people to share a post or page was against facebook rules, now I know.

  28. Dear Mandy : The blog Title was to share : But on Facebook we didn’t tell people to Share: And the term share FB hates for giveaways and contests – not so much for information .

    Usually if someone violates – there is a warning immediately or you’ve been warned several times – and the page can disappear without notice. But We have never been warned

  29. I got my personal Facebook page shut down just for liking too many pages wish we could write mark zuckerberg ourselves

  30. hi this is elaine from Strictly Canadian Coupons and Contests… we too had been shut down by FB and no response, I had a petition signed from over 100 fans and still nothing
    im so po’d at fb its not even funny!
    im sorry but you probably wont be getting your page back :( i never did

  31. Emailed and shared everywhere i can. Hope you get the page back or at least an explanation!! *fingers crossed for the page being returned!!


  32. I will be sending an email to the email that you’ve provided as I like your FB page. However, I’m confused as on this post you state

    “”We stay up to date on rules: We never say “share or like” and always use a third party application to host facebook contests”

    On the viral post that caused your site to be executed your clearly wrote Share in the heading.

    “”*** URGENT *** Vegetable Recall ~ Share So Nobody Gets Sick!!””

    I don’t admit to being FB savvy nor do I fully understand the rules but wouldn’t that be a violation?

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