New Flamingo Coupon (Chicken)

New Flamingo Coupon (Chicken)

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New Flamingo Printable Coupon


Flamingo Products:

Flamingo has various products here’s a small list.

  • Breaded Chicken
  • Krispy Toast
  • Chicken Wings
  • Chicken Chunkies
  • Chicken Tournedos
  • Chicken Brochettes
  • Shaved chicken or turkey
  • Roast chicken or turkey
  • Chicken Bologna
  • Whole Chicken
  • Whole Turkey

Flamingo is owned by Olymel  and the brand was founded in 1958.

Flamingo Recipes

Looking to spice up your flamingo products? Well Flamingo has a whole recipe section just for this - Spice your poultry up 

Chicken nugget

A chicken nugget is a cooked dish consisting of meat slurry or chicken breasts cut to shape, rolled in a batter or bread, and then fried or baked. Fast food restaurants usually fry their chicken nuggets in vegetable oil.

The chicken nugget appeared in the 1950s, when Robert C. Baker, a professor of food science at Cornell University, invented this fabulous product and published it as unpatented academic work. This discovery made possible to prepare nuggets of all shapes. In 1979, the popular McDonald’s recipe for Chicken Mcnuggets was created on commission from McDonald’s by Tyson Foods.

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