Flintstone Canada Freebies

Flintstone Canada Freebies

Flintstone Canada Freebies

Flintstone Canada has the following Free Stuff for your child to do and play!

Here’s the Flintstone Freebies

Free Printable Colouring book - Print off pages of the Flintstone family for your child to colour or paint.  There is a total of 7 pages of Barney, Fred, Pebbles and Bamm Bamm.

Printable Growth Chart - Print off the pages of the Flintstone Family with a measuring stick, simply attach it at 24 inches from the floor, and watch your child grow.

Other Flintstone Freebies

Download Flintstone Desktop Wallpaper – From Fanpop – tons of images to put on your desktop for Free


About the Characters:

Fred Flintstone:  He is the main character of the series. Fred is very accident prone guy, He has a temper, but is a loving father and husband. He loves to bowl, and works as a bronto crane operator.

Wilma Flintstone: She is Fred’s Wife. She’s more level headed than fred, and seems to be smarter. She does have a habit of spending money. You will hear her say ‘Charge It” a lot during the cartoons.

Pebbles Flintstone – Is a baby and does cute things, she has red hair like her mother Wilma.

Pets of the Flintstones:

Dino the dinosaur:  is the Flintstones pet dinosaur, and acts like a dog, and constantly knocks down Fred when he comes home, because he’s so happy to see him.

Puss – The Pet cat.  You will see him toss out Fred at the end of the credits each episode.

The Rubbles

Barney Rubbles:  Is Fred’s Best Friend and Next door neighbor. He’s the second main character. Barney is a nice guy for the most part, and is level headed.

Betty Rubbles: Barney’s Wife, and Wilma’s best friend.

Bamm Bamm – is Barney’s and Betty’s son


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