Free 20 Page Photobook @ Shoppers Drug Mart!

Free 20 Page Photobook @ Shoppers Drug Mart!

Free 20 Page Photobook @ Shoppers Drug Mart!

From now until November 21st, 2010, when you sign up with you’ll get a FREE 20 page 7×9 softcover photobook!

There is a limit of one free photobook per person. Enter promo code PHOTO at checkout. You get to choose your background and put captions on your photos if you choose. Remember when ordering that it’s the softcover 20-page 7×9 type that the promo code covers. If your photo book does not fit these specifications exactly, the promo code will not work. Once you finish making it you choose which SDM location you would like to pick it up at. The retail value for the photo book is $14.99.

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  1. I think the people who are having problems are not doing this right. If you do it right, it will show 0.00 at checkout.

    I HAS TO BE 7 by 9 and it HAS TO BE softcover and you MUST enter the code “Photo” at checkout.

    Personally, I’m glad they’re giving out a free photo book!!! yay!! It was fun to design, and I will buy other photo books in the future, if I like how this one turns out.

    Thanks for the great freebie!

  2. Do I have to finish this photo book by Nov 21? Or can I just create the account now and create the photo book later?

  3. It worked fine for me – will update when I pick it up in 5 days

    U have to choose the 7×9 soft cover photo album.

  4. I can’t seem to get the website here to work, I went right to the Shoppers Drug Mart Website, but I can’t seem to find the right photobook for the free one.

  5. they sent me an eamil saying i had to pay taxes and 14,99 but at the checkout it sayd 0,00$

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