FREE Breakfast Items With Kellogg’s Cereal Purchase!

FREE Breakfast Items With Kellogg’s Cereal Purchase!


When you purchase a Kellogg’s* breakfast food in a Share Your Breakfast* box, you’ll find a PIN code inside. Redeem yours to choose from Eggo* waffles, Campbell’s® V8 Fusion light and regular, Silk® True Almond and Soy Beverage, Tetley® Perk or Green Tea, Activia® plain yogurt, Activia Creamy®, Danone Coolisions® or bananas to complement your Kellogg’s* product, helping your family have great breakfasts and better days.

Now you can go online and choose your FREE coupon towards a breakfast item! A pin code will be found in every box of participating Kellogg’s* cereals. One pin code is required to request one FREE coupon for a breakfast item. Follow these easy steps to redeem:

1. Visit by July 30, 2013
2. Enter your PIN code printed inside the package
3. Choose your one (1) FREE coupon
4. Tell us where to mail the coupon
5. Your coupon will arrive in the mail in 2-4 weeks


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