Free Copy of Vincent Versace’s Photographic Workflow DVD ~ Freebies Canada

Free Copy of Vincent Versace’s Photographic Workflow DVD ~ Freebies Canada


Hollywood photographer Vincent Versace shares his photographic workflow secrets and talks about the tools and methods that he feels have been a critical part of his award winning work. Versace is known as a multi-talented professional photographer with a special gift for sharing his knowledge. He has been honored for his contributions to the photographic community and his work has been awarded a permanent place in the Smithsonian Institution.

In this 73 minute DVD titled “Photographic Workflow” Versace candidly discusses why he chooses specific products from such manufacturers as Nikon, Wacom, Epson, nik multimedia, and GretagMacbeth. He talks about Adobe Photoshop as the photographer’s operating system and he details the workflow that he feels is vital for a professional photographer to be highly efficient. This DVD provides a detailed look at retouching a Hollywood portrait and thoroughly explores the process of enhancing a floral photograph.

Segments in the portrait retouch include: planning the retouch, the healing brush, lighting in Photoshop, pop-up menus, adjustment layers, soft masks, enlarging the eyes, lighting the face, color correcting, butterfly lighting, and sharpening. The floral retouch includes segments on: color correcting for blue, adjusting tonal range, selective muting, sharpening and contrast, black and white conversion, sepia toning, and adding blur and noise.

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