FREE LCN Try Me Kit(nail technicians/salon owners)-Freebies Canada

FREE LCN Try Me Kit(nail technicians/salon owners)-Freebies Canada

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If you are a salon owner or nail technician you can now request this free LCN “Try Me” Kit.

Things you will find in this free kit;


Bonder New is the result of intense research and development. An acid-free, light-cured formula with a high degree of elasticity and durability, it is compatible both with the natural nail and LCN’s light-curing resins

One Component Resin COSMIQ

LCN’s classic one-step bonding/building/sealing gel has been perfected with the addition of precious Moonstone dust for added strength. OCRC has the movability desired by nail technicians, ensuring increased elasticity, self leveling flow with a great stability. This universal building gel targets a majority of client nail types.  Available in 5ml & 20ml sizes

FM Pearl White Firm

This light-curing effect gel, in a firmer viscosity offers a permanent French Manicured look. The firm consistency makes this product suitable for sculpting and creating a crisp white free-edge enhancement. Available in 5ml & 15ml sizes.


This high-shine, light-cured formula seals the artificial nail providing a waterproof, scratch-resistant, high-gloss surface. Available in 5ml and 15ml sizes and four shades: clear, pink, opaque and pastel. ‘Clear’ and ‘pink’ are also available in 100ml

Once you receive this free kit you can enter for a chance to win a $200 LCN Gift Certificate by registering as a Professional and offering your feedback.

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