Free Product Coupons Valued at $33.99 for Less than $2.00

Free Product Coupons Valued at $33.99 for Less than $2.00

Here’s What free product Coupons I redeemed this week. The prices were

  • Perfect 10 $12.99
  • Great Grains Cereal $5.99
  • John Freida Precision $14.99

Total $33.95

I paid $1.70 in GST.

So Why didn’t I get it 100% free?

Because as the cashier is scanning – GST is added per scan

Once it’s scanned in The Cashier then inputs the coupon value.

I posted this on facebook – and was surprised on how many people told me they didn’t pay taxes on their Free Products .  I’m not sure if they just didn’t pay attention to their receipt  or if they had a super nice cashier that included the tax for amount in the coupon redemption.

I live in Alberta so I don’t have provincial Tax to pay.  So I’m not sure if in other provinces – Provincial tax is included in the price or what.  Perhaps one of you nice folks can tell me how your provincial tax is dealt with on products that you use free product coupons on.



  1. In Ontario HST is added to all non food purchases. Some are weird. For example icecream is not taxed but icecream novelties are. Just because it is edible doesn’t mean it isn’t taxed.

  2. it all depends on what it says on the coupon if it says something similar to “a reduction in any applicable taxes is included in the face value” then you do not have to pay any taxes and the cashier is simply punching it in wrong. I have had this problem before and it is usually a case of them punching in the wrong code.

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