Free Sample of Rolly Mini toothbrushes Opportunity

Free Sample of Rolly Mini toothbrushes Opportunity



Updated: They are now giving away only 50 free samples per month . So its now more of a contest vs free sample

Why to choose Rolly Mini Toothbrushes:

  • No Water Required
  • Fresh Mint Taste
  • Great  for Traveling

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How to Use The Rolly Mini Toothbrush

  1. Take a Rolly mini toothbrush out of the blister pack in which it came.
  2. Use your tongue to roll the Rolly mini toothbrush on all sides of your teeth, for approximately 2 minutes.
  3. Throw the Rolly Mini Toothbrush out in the garbage.


Some of The Benefits of Using The Rolly Mini Toothbrush

Rolly Brushs come with 276 tiny little bristles that work hard at cleaning your teeth. The tiny little bristles are made out of soft polyammide, and have a special Xylitol and Fluorite coating, which helps the Rolly to:

  • Remove dental plague from your teeth
  • Clean your tongue
  • Massage the gums without causing any irritation
  • Make your teeth stronger with the help of Fluoride
  • Visibly reduces dental plaque with the help of Xylitol


Note: The Rolly mini toothbrush is intended to be used by those ages 7 and up. The Rolly is not a substitute for a conventional toothbrush.



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