General Mills Promotions – Free Cineplex Movie Passes Enter Pin

General Mills Promotions – Free Cineplex Movie Passes Enter Pin


Purchase Participating General Mills Products and Get a Free Cineplex Movie Ticket!

You’ll be able to redeem your codes soon as October 1, 2015, Be on the look out for specially marked General Mills cereal,

All you need to do is purchase the items and enter the PIN that is located inside the boxes

You will either get a Free general admission ticket or you will receive a child only free movie pass

Free Movie Passes will only be for Sunday through Thursday admission only

Enter General Mills Free Cineplex Movie Passes – PINS 

Offer expires January 1, 2016



* indicates required

General Mills Canada

This brand was first introduced back in 1954 and continues to be one of the trusted brands in Canada to date.

There is something about a brand that as been around for that long. I guess we see our parents using it, and in some cases even our grandparents. We naturally just want to keep the traditions going when we have our own families.

The family at General Mills Canada first launched Betty Crocker and Cheerios to the world.

Get this; General Mills is one of THE LARGEST FOOD COMPANIES in the world!! Yes, the world!!!

General Mills Cereal

General Mills produces a wide range of cereals for your enjoyment.

Chex, Cheerios, Fiber One, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Big G Whole Grain Cereals, and many more.

I know our family sweeps through a box of these in two or three days tops. We have five people in our family and General Mills Cereals are our favorite breakfast item.

If you have not had a chance to try them, be sure to check them out the next time you find yourself at your local grocery store.

Life Made Delicious General Mills

There are many General Mills brands and Life Made Delicious brings all those brands into one convenient place. Here you will find all the latest recipes, offer, promotions, coupons, and more.

Some General Mills brands that you might be familiar with include:

  • -Betty Crocker
  • -Oatmeal Crisp
  • -Old Elpaso
  • -Pillsbury
  • -Cheerios
  • -Green Giant

-and much more!

This brand was first introduced in 1954 and as continued to grow to become a trusted name for many households and generations.

It’s most popular brand is “Cheerios”. We all know and celebrate Cheerios! Most of us grew up eating them and are now giving them to our own kids. Now THAT’S a trusted brand if I do say so myself.

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Delicious recipes that are second to none. From chocolate pancakes to school lunches, you will find a wide range of meal ideas to suit the pickiest of eaters.

Champions For Healthy Kids

This program began in 2006. It was launched by General Mills to increase awareness about the need to become active and eat well. This program focuses on youth ages 2-20. The number of obese and overweight children in Canada today is staggering and continues to grow. Its programs like this that will help make a change for the better.

Click here for more information on this wonderful program or apply for a grant.


  1. I am pissed off at General Mills . You never have enough supply for these promotions and XL sizes are near impossible to get. There is no need for it to take two months for delivery unless you are having more shirts made which you clearly aren’t doing but you make sure there are plenty of boxes on the store shelves to influence customers to buy your cereal even though they can’t get what was expected . Your pin codes are ridiculously long and so faded on the box I could barely make it out even with a high powered mnagnifier from the CNIB. Multi Grain Cheerios are one of my favourite brands but because of these promotions I will look for another company to buy my cereal from. Thanks for nothing.

  2. Wow. We received the free t -shirt. Thanks for doing this. My granddaughter will be very happy to receive the

    shirt she picked out.

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