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giant tiger phone scam jan 28th

Attention Readers!!

There is a Giant Tiger Phone Scam circulating throughout Canada!!

This scam telephone call will inform you that you have won a large prize from Giant Tiger. This is not a legitimate call and Giant Tiger wants you to know that they are in no way affiliated with this.

Here is what it reads on their Facebook page

Alert! We want you to be aware of a phone scam where people are contacted and told that they have won a large prize from Giant Tiger. This is a scam and if you receive a phone call of this nature you should hang up immediately. If you have received a phone call of this nature you are encouraged to contact the RCMP Anti-Fraud Line, 1-888-495-8501. For more information on reporting and recognizing fraudulent activity check out the RCMP Anti-Fraud Line website”

Click here for more information on Giant Tiger Phone Scam

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Giant Tiger Price Matches

If you look at the bottom of your flyer: You will see they will price match any competitor  advertised price ( except for clearance sales, managers specials, Buy 2 Get 1 Free  etc.  They also reserve the right to reduce limit.

Location Finder

Are you wanting to see how many stores are near you: Here’s where you can search to find the one’s closest to you.


Giant Tiger is a proudly Canadian chain of stores.

They are stocked with home, fashions, groceries  and all of every day’s needs at low prices.

They first opened up in Ottawa Ontario back in 1961, and they now have more than 200 stores across 8 provinces, and opening up more all the time.

Other  names of Giant Tiger are  Tigre Géant, GTXpress, Scott’s Discount and Chez Tante Marie.


  1. those treats are more for bigger dogs that chew-very sad-I have practiced the dog Heimlich hope it works if I ever need it!

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