New Head and Shoulders Coupons For Canada

New Head and Shoulders Coupons For Canada

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New Head & Shoulders printable coupons found via our Smartsource portal

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  •  Save $2.00 when you buy any TWO Head & Shoulders® products
  •  Save $2.00 when you buy ONE Head & Shoulders Shampoo AND ONE Conditioner product
  • Save $1.00 off your next purchase of any ONE Head & Shoulders product
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Head & Shoulders

 Head N Shoulders Coupons via Brandsaver

  • Save $1.00 when you purchase 1 Head N Shoulder Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Save $2.00 when you purchase 2 Head N Shoulder Shampoo/Conditioner

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Prices of Head N Shoulders:

A Great Price to Buy Head N shoulders is $3.99 for your typical 400ml product.  Once in awhile you can buy it for less.  But the price of $3.99 you can find easily usually within a 30 day span of a typical city somewhere.

Walmart Regular price is the following:

  • Head N shoulders 400 ml is $5.48
  • Head N shoulders 700 ml is $8.56 – Roll back price can be found for $6.48

Head N Shoulders History:

Head N shoulders was founded in 1950 and has been the front runner for scalp and hair science with the treatment of dandruff products.  You can find products such as Shampoo, Conditioner, and All In One’s, as well as a complete Men’s series.

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