Heinz Baby Downloadable Nutrition Tracking Tools~Freebies Canada

Heinz Baby Downloadable Nutrition Tracking Tools~Freebies Canada

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Heinz Baby Club as some great downloadable tools that will help you keep track of your babies nutritional needs.

I am a mom of three and I have to admit that there have been times when my kids were younger when I would have to second guess if they were ready for a certain type of food or not. If I had these resources handy at that time I would not have to guess at all.

Here are some of the helpful printable free downloads you can get;

~Nutrition Guide

From first solids to self-feeding and snacks, our Nutrition Guide has you covered. With input from our team of top nutrition and dietary experts, we have filled this guide with our best advice about your baby’s important nutritional stages. We’ve included simple guidelines about when to introduce solid foods, how to develop good eating habits and how to make it all a big success!

~Food Journal

As you introduce solids, use the Heinz Food Journal to keep track of the foods you’ve tried and how your baby reacts to each one.

It will help you plan meals filled with variety, nutrition and texture – that your baby enjoys! The Heinz Food Journal also helps out by showing you what’s next and provides tips and suggestions too.

~Menu Planner

Your baby will benefit from a healthy, well balanced diet. Take the day-to-day guess work out of feeding by creating meal and snack menus to help your baby enjoy a balanced diet.

You can plan out the entire week and keep as an online reference, post on the fridge or take it with you to the store for easy shopping. You can also view our suggested menus for each stage

~Shopping Checklist

To help simplify your shopping trips, download and print this handy listing of all Heinz® Baby Food products to keep in your wallet.

There are check boxes beside each item, to easily indicate what you need.

Remember, you can print a new one each time you go shopping!

~Weight and Height Tracker

Every child is unique and grows at a different rate.

The way your child is growing can tell you a lot about their general health, therefore it’s important to regularly keep track of their growth – starting at 1-2 weeks old!

Print off these growth charts developed by medical professionals to easily keep track of your baby’s growth and development. It’s a great item to bring and discuss with your child’s doctor!

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