Heinz Ketchup ~ When is a Good Time to stock up?

Heinz Ketchup ~ When is a Good Time to stock up?

Now that is starting to be summer ~ Every House in Canada will be going through more Ketchup than ever before! Weiner Roasts, Family Gatherings, Camping Season ~ BBQ’s.

If your a Brand Snob ( such as myself when it comes to ketchup)  Your probably wondering what is a Good price to stock up on.

Regular price at Walmart is $3.97 for a 1 Liter bottle. 

Heinz Ketchup doesn’t go “Drastically on sale”

But you can usually save $0.50 to $0.97 a bottle when it comes on sale.

I recently seen it on sale at No Frills for $3.27 and This spring Walmart had a sale for $3.00

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  1. I just got the Giant Tiger Flyer, and Heinz 1L is on for $3 this week, And the E.D. Smith (made in Canada) 1L Ketchup is only $1 at Dollarama… My kids can’t tell the difference ;)

  2. we go through ketchup like crazy so usulley we get giant tiger brand 1 liter bottles for 1.00 when it is on sale don’t matter what kind it is

  3. there is a Heinz factory in Leamington Ontario, where they make all of the ketchup, and every few months there are “Heinz Days” where select groups (Union workers) get to go shopping in the warehouse, every Heinze product is in there (baby food, formula, beans etc) all at like 90% off, so like 50cents for a famly sized ketchup, a case of 24 jars of baby food for $2…

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