How To Contest

How To Contest

How To Contest

A Guide into Contesting ~ And some little Tips to Win.

There’s are easily over 10,000 contests that you can enter into. There’s so many places now a days to enter contests at. We’ll try and cover them all.

But First ~ Lets Just Say it ~ If you don’t Enter ~ You can not WIN! 

The More contests you enter – the more chances you have of winning.

There are tons of Contesters Out there! Some are casual, part time, and some full time ones.

  • The Casual Contester ~ Consists of Entering Contests that appeal to them – Usually will stop and enter a contest for a Big Trip or Perhaps a Giveaway with tons of prizes that the odds are really well.


  • The Part Time Contester ~ Is likely to be the person to Enter in Facebook Share Contests, The odd Blog Contest, and Twitter Party.


  • The Full Time Contester ~ She/He is serious ~ They will win $40,000 worth of prizes per year, and they enter the maximum amounts of contests that they can.


Organizing Your Contests : We chat about creating folders and keeping track of contests using a bookmarking system.

Filling out your Forms ~ Reading the Rules ~ Discussion of programs to help you contes & Tips on Reading rules

Locations and Finding Contests  Discussion on odds of contests and where to find contests.

Blog Contests ~ Discussion of How to use Rafflecopter as well as Traditional Blog contests.

Twitter Party Contests ~ How to participate in Twitter Parties

How Long till I win? ~ Learning about how much time till you win