Jordan’s Morning Crisp Cereal – Free Samples Plus Coupons(Safeway TODAY)

Jordan’s Morning Crisp Cereal – Free Samples Plus Coupons(Safeway TODAY)

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Look for the Jordan’s Morning Crisp Tour to be rolling through British Columbia and Ontario in the very near future.

If you see their truck, be sure to stop by and grab some FREE SAMPLES plus valuable coupons to save on your next purchase of Jordan’s Morning Crisp.

Vancouver, British Columbia will be there very first stop so take note.

Follow them to find out when the fun will be in your area. 

Jordan’s Morning Crisp Tour takes place from July 9th – 18th 2015

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Jordan’s Brand Of Products

There are three products available that carry the Jordan’s name. They include Granola, Morning Crisp Cereal, and Muesli.

Cereal is made with crunchy nuts, delicious fruit, and seeds. The combination of these ingredients is what makes Jordan’s stand out from the rest. No GMO’s, artificial flavours, colors, or preservatives. All natural ingredients.

Morning Crisp – the clusters found in this cereal are baked with the eye, ensuring that each piece contains the perfect amount of ingredients to get the perfect taste.

Granola – Toasted to perfection and organic. Nutty flavour that the whole family will love. Jordan’s then adds Raisins, Sunflower Seeds, Coconut and Brazil Nuts to the granola for extra flavour and taste.

Muesli – Contains wholegrain oats and chopped, roasted nuts. Wheat flakes and a little bit of added fruit can also be found in Muesli giving it that extra kick of flavour.

Wondering Where To Buy This Product?

Jordan’s products can be purchased in a variety of stores across Canada including; Sobeys, Freshco, Metro, Food Basics, Walmart, Whole Foods Market, Loblaws, Highland Farms, Rexall, Safeway, and more.


  1. Our local Food Basics has this product and has for a few months. They also have pads of $1.00 coupons on the display.

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