Kinder Contest – Win FREE Kinder Eggs

Kinder Contest – Win FREE Kinder Eggs

Kinder Contest   Win FREE Kinder Eggs

Kinder Contest   Win FREE Kinder EggsKinder Contest for Canada – November 2015

Enter to  win a 3-pack of Kinder Surprise eggs

Leave a Facebook comment to win.

Rules (none posted, these are assumed)

  • Open to Canada and United States
  • valid Facebook account
  • Single entry
  • Age of majority

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This Contest Ends November 12th at 3:00pm EST

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Kinder Contest   Win FREE Kinder Eggs

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The Kinder Brand

This brand was founded in 1956.

It seems that when a child holds one of these products in their hands, their imaginations start to soar. The wonder of what toy will be found inside makes it mysterious and fun. When they open up that milky chocolate treat and take that first bite, it’s instant happiness. Top that off with a fun new toy to play with and you have one happy child.


Kinder Eggs are different than many of the sweet treats out there. You can have the peace of mind that you are giving your child a product that is made with simple ingredients. Ones like cocoa, real sugar, and a milky filling. Kids love them and parents as well.

Seasonal and Holiday Kinder Eggs

Give the gift of happiness to a child during special holidays or seasonal events. Whether it be Christmas, Halloween, etc this little extra surprise will make it all the more sweeter for your child. Celebrate that special time of the year with Kinder. My kids love the Kinder Advent Calendar at Christmas.

Valentines is a special time of the year as well. You can pick up special Valentine Kinder 4-packs for your kids to share with their friends.



  1. They refer to them as pins, but they are really codes assigned to each toy. So you can in fact use the ‘pin’ more the once (as you could have easily gotten the same toy more than once). Here are the entry restrictions from the rules regarding using a pin more than once:
    “A household may enter up to five (5) unique PINS per week to a maximum of two (2) entries allowed per PIN per week during the Contest Period. A single PIN or combination of PINS may be used in order to obtain a maximum of twenty (20) total entries per household.”

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