Kraft Canada Coupons ~ New Nabob, Bakers Chocolate, and More!

Kraft Canada Coupons ~ New Nabob, Bakers Chocolate, and More!

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NEW Kraft Coupons for Canada found via Kraft Rewards Portal (Printable)

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  • New $1.00 off one NABOB Keurig® Compatible Pods 12 ct cartons
  • New $3.00 off wub2 NABOB Keurig® Compatible Pods 12 ct cartons
  • $2 off Nabob Tassimo or Nabob Keurig compatible coffee pods
  • $1.00 off PHILADELPHIA Chocolate Cream Cheese Product 227g or PHILADELPHIA Jalapeno Cream Cheese Product 227g
  • $2.00 off PHILADELPHIA Chocolate Cream Cheese Product 340g or PHILADELPHIA Jalapeno Cream Cheese Product 340g
  • $1 off Philadelphia Cream Cheese Brick Plain 250g
  • $2 off Cracker Barrel Shredded Natural Cheese (QC Only)
  • BOGO Free Cracker Barrel Special Reserve 250g

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  • New Save $2.00 wub one (1) Kraft participating product AND one (1) Burnbrae Farms participating product
  • Save $1.00 when you purchase any Kraft Singles, Cheez Whiz or Velveeta product.
  • Save $1.00 when you purchase Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Brick Plain 250g

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History in Canada

Founded by J.L Kraft was born in Ontario in 1874 and began his working career in a general store, and came up with a vision for modern food merchandising, and began his own company and has been running strong ever since.

Kraft Canada is one of Canada’s largest  companies In Canada, Kraft brands include Kraft Dinner, Jell-O, TASSIMO, Nabob, Amooza, Cracker Barrel, Kraft Peanut Butter and Kool-Aid, Cracker Barrel, Philadelphia, Kraft Singles, Maxwell House,

Kraft has been a trusted name in the world of food for very long time but the modern ownership has been in place for a shorter period. The current version of Kraft has a more specific group of items that are primarily responsible for their profits. They generally focus on drinks, cheeses, dairy items and snacks. This has always done well for them and now looks to take them well into the future.

The current items that are most popular among the Kraft name are Oscar Mayer, Velveeta, Capri Sun, Jell-O, Maxwell House, Philadelphia, Bulls-Eye, Kool-Aid and Boca Burger to name a few. Also keep in mind that the Kraft name itself is a powerhouse that is used on several products. With these monster brands that are so well known, Kraft is assured of a great place in the field in which they are working as long as they continue to deliver quality at a fair price. The branding side of the equation they have covered by a country mile.

Kraft Canada has been a well-known name in grocery stores for a very long time. Though the Kraft company has gone through many changes in ownership and structure over the years, there has always been a focus on dairy products and snack items. Today, Kraft in Canada is just as common of a household name as it ever was.


Kraft Canada has always focused on making foods more accessible and easy to use. Many people only know them for their Kraft singles, but there are many more products with the Kraft name in Canada. Stovetop Stuffing, Cracker Barrel, Kool-Aid, Kraft Dinner, Jell-O and Maxwell House are all brands made by Kraft Canada. Consumers have made their culinary needs known and Kraft Canada has responded with a steady stream of reliable products that are tasty, affordable, and commonly found in almost every home. Is tonight a Kraft night in your home?


  1. Why do you never send me my coupons I order.I assume because it’s Kraft it would be a honest reliable company.I was a nurse who hurt her back at work and needed a few surgerys,well I am on a disability pension and I am the one who needs help now.Waiting for a treat from Kraft is sad ….how our lives can in a moment change

  2. I totally agree Breanne I contacted Kraft & told them it’s easier to get ahold of Obama than to get a coupon for the new chocolate peanut butter, after sending 3 letters I’ve still not had anything more than a slight email saying they were “working on the situation”. I explained I’m disabled with MS living on a yearly disability pension of $11,000 and thought she’d say oh I’ll mail one to you, NOPE. Kraft should be ashamed of this, I’m so upset I wouldn’t buy it now if it were .25 cents. Hope you get a coupon. Thanks for listening helps to vent.

  3. I have tried to print the coupons for the kraft dinner and cream cheese now 4 times and it wont let me … can i please have them mailed ot me ….

  4. Hi–fyi—-I got this message when I clicked the link:
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    You Caught Us! We have a lot of new news coming in the new year and we accidentally launched a few pages earlier than we’d planned. Hope you’ll forgive us and check back in the next few days when everything is live.


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