Krispy Kreme Coupon BOGO Free Dozen Doughnuts(December 12 Reminder)

Krispy Kreme Coupon BOGO Free Dozen Doughnuts(December 12 Reminder)

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Krispy Kreme Day Of The Dozens is back

Latest promotion at Krispy Kreme locations in Canada;

  • Buy a Dozen Original Glazed, Get a Dozen Original Glazed FREE!!

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This offer is valid on December 12, 2015 only


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Krispy Kreme

This brand was founded back in July of 1937 and as grown into a family favorite.

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Products you will find here.

Doughnuts come in the following varieties:

  • Original Glazed: the same recipe is still used from the 1930’s and is a hit with young and old alike.
  • Varieties
  • Mini Doughnuts: come in three flavours: original glazed, chocolate iced, and chocolate iced with sprinkles.
  • Doughnut Holes: these bite sized treats are loved by many. Just pop them in your mouth and enjoy!!
  • Featured Doughnut: these are limited time only products that you can enjoy for a period of time. Samples include the Key Lime Cake and Key Lime Cheesecake.

Something Special Just For You


These moist cake doughnuts are dipped in chocolate and delivered fresh every day. When you bite into one of these babies you are sure to be impressed.


Check out these donut holes. When you are hungry and want a quick snack, this is the perfect solution. Keep the kids happy with the portable snack sizes as well.


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