FREE Maple Leaf Products When You Redeem Schneiders Lunchmate Bucks

FREE Maple Leaf Products When You Redeem Schneiders Lunchmate Bucks

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Schneiders Lunchmate just added a great new offer for members.

Starting today, you can now redeem your Schneiders Lunchmate Bucks for free Maple Leaf Products(Comes in the form of a free product coupon)

  • Redeem 94 Lunchmate Bucks to claim a Maple Leaf Natural Selections Lunch Box
  • Redeem 122 Lunchmate Bucks to claim a Maple Leaf Top Dogs Original Weiners

There are other rewards available as well that include gift cards, Crayola, and many other brands.

Click here to get your FREE Maple Leaf products today. 

This offer is available for a limited time only.

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Maple leaf prides themselves as passionate people and about food. They have approximately 24000 employees

About Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf Foods Inc. is a famous Canadian food company, established in 1927. It was operating under the name Canada Packers. It has been considered to be the largest food processor in Canada. Maple Leaf is specializing mainly in pork, and its products are sold in the United Kingdom, which helped Toronto earn its nickname “Hogtown.” it was considered as the 14th largest business in Canada, in 1975.

It is also known to be Canada’s largest beef slaughterer. It also expanded to other markets, offering quality brands such as Black Diamond cheese and Squirrel peanut butter, and also offered a wide bread division, recognized as the Dempster’s brand (best selling brand of bread in Canada), and San Francisco-based Grace Baking products. Maple Leaf Bakery UK was founded in 1996, in Rotherham as a Canada Bread subsidiary. It operates about six locations in the UK and has more than 1,200 employees.


  1. That is so weird! I just checked myself and it’s there for me! Perhaps they will restock it!
    It’s been out a long time this coupon – January – So they may have ran out! It’s a possibility.

    It’s showing up as new because We’re revamping our website – so everything old is becoming new again as we have time:)

  2. I tried to order the Maple Leaf Bacon $2 off coupon today but received a message to the effect that this offer has expired. How come??? It should be valid until the end of April???

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