Mentos Flash Contest – Win a FREE Box Mentos

Mentos Flash Contest – Win a FREE Box Mentos

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Mentos Flash Contest.

Here is your chance to WIN a FREE Box of Mentos.

Leave a Facebook comment to win.


  • Open to Canada and United States
  • Single entry
  • Quebec friendly
  • Age of majority
  • Valid Facebook account

Enter Mentos Contest

Contest ends June 27 at 7PM (ET)

 Mentos Brand

Candy Warehouse is is the online candy store where you can satisfy all your Mentos candy cravings.

Visit this website and you will literally be like a kid in a candy store.

The very first Mentos commercials were produced in the 1960’s and became widely popular with the old and young alike.

This product is better known as The Freshmaker.

Versions of Mentos include candy(hard coating with a crunchy and chewy middle), and more recently a chewing gum that is said to outlast the competition.

One word that you can use to describe Mentos is Retro Candy. Retro because of the fact that it as been around since the 1960’s.

The older generation would probably say that Mentos is nostalgic candy. I am thinking that there were many a memory created around these little pieces of delicious joy over the years.

If you love Mentos be sure to try some of these other brands of candy as well;

  • lifesavers
  • poprocks
  • altoids
  • and more.

Mentos And Coke

When I think of Mentos the first thing that comes to mind is the sprouting stream when you add this candy to a Coke product. The kids seem to love it as well. Could it be the sticky mess that is left after the fact or is it the fun squishing sound from the bottle, or is it that moment when a cool eruption of Coke sprouts up to the sky.


This brand was founded in 1932 and creates a variety of different flavors of candy and gum

Mentos Cube Gum

Fun cubed shaped gum that provide a great tasting and not to mention long-lasting freshness.

Some other Mentos products that might interest you include;

Pure Fresh – this is a candy that contains pure mint extracts giving you that extra boost of breath freshness.

Mentos Blast – a gum that contains a liquid center. Comes in fresh and cool mint and also fruit flavors.

Bubble Gum – comes in strawberry, lemon, and orange.

Chewing gum with icy freshness. This product is sugar free and is used to freshen your breath.

Last but certainly not least is Mentos White. This product helps your teeth maintain their whiteness. We all want white teeth and what a better way to acheive that than with a delicious gum from Mentos.

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