Mott’s Instant Win Contest ~ $20,000 Grand Prize!

Mott’s Instant Win Contest ~ $20,000 Grand Prize!



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Mott’s has a HUGE new Instant Win Contest!

Prizes Include:

  • 1 – Grand Prize of $20,000 Cash!
  • 15 – Headphones
  • 15 – Tablets
  • 15 – Wireless Speaker Sets
  • 355 – Coupons For Free 6-Packs of Mott’s Garden Cocktail


  • Canada Only
  • Age of Majority
  • Daily Entry
  • Quebec Friendly

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This Contest Ends April 30, 2015



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Mott’s Clamato

This is one of the most important ingredients in Canada’s Cocktail. The Caesar Mott’s Clamato as been around for a long time now and as been enjoyed by many people. There is just something about the smooth way that it goes down and the unique taste.

One fact that I thought you might find interesting;

Canadian’s consume enough Mott’s Clamato Cocktail to make to make over 350 million Caesar’s a year(courtesy of Canadian Living Magazine).

Clamato /kl??m??to?/ is a drink made of reconstituted tomato juice concentrate, flavored with spices and clam broth.

It’s been produced since 1966 by a few New Yorkers. It’s mostly used for alcoholic beverages and is popular in both Canada & Mexico and ironically enough less in the USA.  Ceasar drinks are one of the top 10 cocktails. in Canada.

“That’s a good bloody Caesar!”

 Mott’s Pina Colada

Another popular product is the Mott’s Pina Colada.

Let’s Talk About Kids Products For A Moment Shall We

Did you know that this brand is THE leading producer of healthy applesauce and other fruit juices for kids. Adults tend to like them as well.

Look for Mot’s For Tot’s when you are on your next grocery shopping trip. Your little one will love it because it tastes great and you will love it because of the nutritional benefits.


Find delicious recipes using Mott’s products. Like applesauce smoothies, and more.


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