Nestle Baby Club – Free Baby Samples – Canada freebies

Nestle Baby Club – Free Baby Samples – Canada freebies

Nestle Baby Club   Free Baby Samples   Canada freebies

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For Information, Advice & Support

Motherhood is one of the most wonderful and challenging times in your life. That’s why we created the NESTLÉ BABY Program. From nutrition tips to parenting insights, and everything in-between, the NESTLÉ BABY Program helps make every day for new or expecting moms easier — so you can better enjoy this special time.

When you join the NESTLÉ BABY Program, you get:

  • A free subscription to the NESTLÉ BABY magazine
  • Free samples of NESTLÉ Infant Formula and Baby Cereals, upon request
  • Valuable coupons and special offers




  1. My son was due June 1, 2013 but was born almost 6 weeks early. I changed my due date on my account but still have not received anything from nestle. Please send me my free stuff…thx

  2. HI Iam waiting for my free stuff i applied june 2012 , I delivered baby on Jan 12 th 2013. I am still waiting for my free stuff,. Please do let me know for any other information.

  3. Hi I haven’t received my free sample bag and samples yet I registered about 6 months ago I am due in 7 weeks can you please send it…still waiting..

  4. Have been trying to sign up for the baby program for several months . Baby is due in 10 days and haven’t been able to get the website to work. Very frustrating.

  5. I signed up in july and baby is now 2 months and still have not recived my free baby bag. Still waiting…

  6. Hi,
    My name is Aisha, and I register myself in baby nestle program for information and free back pack and sample package before five months ago and I have update my address too, but still I didnot recieve any gift backpack.

  7. Just got mine today. Picked it up today at the post office. Recieved my notice it arrived in my mail box.
    Only took about a week and a half to get it. Its awesome lol :)

  8. Signed up for this when I was pregnant with my son…still waiting and he is 9 months old..

  9. HII


  10. Dear Sir or Madame … I am writing because I still have not receive my FREE SAMPLES in the nap sac with my samples … My baby girl is now 6 weeks old … THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE …… The mail strike is over finally …..Linda

  11. Just go to the Nestle baby website and register, once you complete that it depends when your due, or how old your baby is before you get the starter kit.

  12. I was wondering if I could get a sample of your cereal. Hopefully that’s possible.
    3514 Rittenhouse Rd.
    Vineland, Ontario
    L0R 2C0

  13. please send me the free nesle baby sample at my following address:

    Parampal mukker
    3418, laddie cres
    mississuaga , L4T1N1

  14. Can you please send me some free samples at the following address:

    John Sarkar
    Bsmt-469 E 63rd Avenue
    Vancouver, BC V5X 2K1

  15. Hi my cousin sign up for a back pack in decemeber, she gave birth in february…I called thyme maternity a dozen times and said it was sent on their side but we still haven’t recieved it as yet…When do yu think we can get it?? and are we ever goin to get the pack back??

  16. My sister signed up for it a few months ago. It came today and she is pretty excited! lol It was the bag, some formula and a bottle. Thanks so much Nestle. :)

  17. I registered for my comming baby a month ago. My due day is end of April and I got a package from Nestle today. It contains 2 magzines and some coupons. But there’s no bottle, no diaper bag, no formula. There is a coupon which says I can go to a store for a can of formula but I haven’t tried yet. Is it the formula sample? Will the diaper bag and bottle come later in another package? Thanks.

  18. i am still waiting for my back back free samples and the coupons can i get one like my friend did because i really liked hers and i signed up and you send my a letter telling my that i have to wait 4 to 6 weeks and i am still waiting!!!! what i should do ?
    Thank you

  19. I signed up for the nestle baby program and was signed up to receive the baby with products when will it arrive.Its been about 5 weeks now.HOw long does it usually take?


  20. As long as you’ve signed up, you will receive your package. Mine took quiet a while but came in. I waited for about 3 months or so. Their program is truly wonderful. Diaper bag, Formula, baby bottle, diaper changing mat. And they send you coupons as well. So anyone who hasn’t received their package yet, try to be more patient about it. You’ll surely get it.

  21. Hi all, question, how does this come, in other words, which mail format i.e. Canada Post, regular mail? thanks in advance.

  22. again uhh apperenetly your supposed to get the bag when you sign up but i still havent gotten it i sigened up 2 weeks ago!!

  23. i signed up for the bag in the begining of my pregnancy and i am due in two weeks and still never received anything.

  24. I gave birth to my baby prematurely. He was due in March and was delivered in December. Do I still get my free pack? Can it be delivered earlier? When should I expect it for?


  25. Hello.
    i had rigester my self with the due date of mine,,,waiting for the bagpack did’nt receive yet,just only reciving the e mails.. wondring for it.

  26. This is worth it! It’s a really convenient sized-bag and the freebies are great! I got a bottle, formula, a pack of 8 bottle-ready formula, nursing pads, free magazines and the bag (which includes a changing pad). Thank you Nestle!!

  27. Hello,
    I have been trying to sign up but after filling the page and making sure nothing is missing, the registration won’t go through. I’ve tried 3 times already on different days. my friend who suggested it to me already got hers. Please tell me what to do :(

  28. Hello,

    How come I never get your back with freebies. I registered twice, one when I was 3 mos, preggy and did not get any. Now I moved and registered 3 weeks ago and my baby is 4mos.unfortunately still no back pack arrived. Just wondering all moms here got their’s fast and easy. A close friend of mine who just gave birth last week got her’s 3 mos. before she had her labor. I was even the one who suggested to register ro nestle baby…I’m sad, coz I have seen how nice how nice the freebies are….sad Mom

  29. I have 4 children and have applied each pregnancy and I have NEVER received a backpack or samples – I ended up buying one for $5.00 at a consignment shop! Pretty sad when I have to buy what is supposedly offered for free.

  30. Thanks Nestle for your free bag…really very conv.& usefull

  31. i am from pakistan,kindly make such deals for pakistani moms as well,i am try to enroll my neme in your club but our country neme is not there

  32. hi i applied for this gift bag,now its almost 2 months but not received yet. i am still waiting for this.

  33. I also applied for bag befor the birth of my baby,now she is 5 months and no backpack arrived yet………………….waiting waiting…………………….

  34. I signed up for a backpack and recived it! its really nice everything was in including a bottle really good value :smile:

  35. This is legit. I just sign up on first week of June and I received the free diaper bag last week. The backpack is so cool, it even have a diaper mat. I’m from Toronto. I dont know why others has not received theirs yet.

    Thank you Nestle!

  36. I had a miscarraige AUG 08 and they still keep sending me stuff no matter how many times I have told them to take me off their lists they continue to harrass me. I have telemarketers calling every week for baby photos, resp, diaper programs, the lists goes on. It’s a constant reminder of my loss. :sad:

  37. I applied for the backpack and other samples in March and was just wondering when I will get them

  38. I applied for the backpack and other samples and I still haven’t got anything. I’m wondering how i am going to get them?

  39. I applied for the backpack and other samples and I still haven’t got anything. I’m wondering how i am going to get them?

  40. I applied for the backpack and other samples December 2008 and I still haven’t got anything. I’m wondering how i am going to get them?

  41. I signed up 3 times but only received a pamphlet in the mail about breastfeeding…is there something else I need to do?

  42. Wow, I only got the formula, a bunch of coupons and a brochure from the backpack. I wonder why I didn’t get anything else with it?

  43. it’s ok to forget about the unethical practices Nestle has taken on over the years just because they give you a free bag? do not buy into their ploy! If you do not question, you are never really free.

  44. this is deffinitly a good site i love the products i have recieved they are well worth getting.

  45. I got this the back pack is great, I also got a can of powdered formula, a baby on board sign, an ice pack for keeping milk cold.I would recommend it to anyone!!

  46. I got this for my lil girl.. and its amazing.. its got a nice backpack a free sample of formula, carnation breakfast anytime sample, a sample of baby breakfast cerial and a bottle ( i got two bags used two different emails.. i got one with an avent bottle and one with a playtex bottle). So its well worth it!!

  47. This does come and is WELL WORTH IT!!! The back back is great!! As well as all the other porduct in the pack!

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