Maggi Noodles Being Investigated For LEAD!! Attention!!

Maggi Noodles Being Investigated For LEAD!! Attention!!


nestle maggi noodles june 6

Important Consumer Advisory from Nestle Maggi Noodles!!

Maggi brand noodle products from India are being investigated for LEAD!!

Nestlé has taken its Maggi noodles off product shelves in India.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is investigating and if affected products are identified in Canada, there will be a FOOD RECALL WARNING issued.

Click here for Nestley Maggi Noodles Consumer Advisory

Stay tuned to Canadian Free Stuff for all the latest information on this breaking news from Nestle.


kit kat recall


Nestle Canada is recalling Kit Kat Chunky bars because of the fact that they may contain small pieces of plastic.

The affected lot numbers include;

  • KIT KAT CHUNKY Peanut Butter 48g: UPC 0-59800-29936-7
  • KIT KAT CHUNKY Hazelnut 48g: UPC 0-59800-49929-3
  • KIT KAT CHUNKY Variety 3CT Multipack: UPC 0-59800-49972-9

Please note that there have been 0 consumer complaints as of right now however there have been a total of 7 complaints in Europe. Nestle is voluntarily recalling these products because of that.

Click here for more information.


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