New York Fries ~ Get Free Fries and Poutine

New York Fries ~ Get Free Fries and Poutine

New York Fries -loyalty

New York Fries FREE POUTINE!!

If you preload $25 on your Fry Society Card you will receive a free NYC POUTINE!

Offer valid to first time users only. 

Other benefits of becoming a member include;

  • Free regular fries on your birthday
  • Special member-only benefits
  • Earn double points from time to time
  • Load your e-cards at anytime
  • Send e-Gift cards to your friends

Here is how it works;

  1. Register your Fry Society account
  2. Scan your Fry Society loyalty card on your phone each time you make a purchase at New York Fries
  3. Each purchase = 1 point
  4. Earn 10 points(10 purchases) and you get to choose any item on their menu absolutely FREE

Join New York Fries Fry Society Here

The New York Fries Loyalty Program is available only in Canada.

Valid at participating locations.



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New York Fries Canada is coming out with a Mobile Application Giving you Free Rewards

Which Means – FREE Food

You will need to make 10 purchases and get any one menu item FREE.

Also you will be able to preload your card  and Get free Fries on your birthday!

I’m guessing it’s going to be somewhat similar to the 7-11 phone application

This Free Rewards Plan is not available yet – but coming soon.

If you would want to be the first to try it Simply sign up by email

Sign Up for Free Rewards Program – Launch list

About NY Fries Canada:

It was founded back in 1983.  They know the business of Fries, and carries a huge selection of French Fry meals.

These fries are hand cut potatoes with the skins left on.  Cooked with sunflower oil

A Canadian Favorite of Fries, cheese curds and trans fat free gravy.

The Newest poutine, smokey sweet pulled pork sauce with fries and cheese curds.

Poutine with added angus beef, carrots onions and mushroom in a red wine sauce.

A New York poutine  with butter chicken.

New York Fries with beef chili topped with sour cream, cheese sauce , bacon and onions.

VEGGIE WORKSFries with sour cream, green onions and tomatoes.


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