Pampers Gifts To Grow Canada – 15 FREE Points Added TODAY!!

Pampers Gifts To Grow Canada – 15 FREE Points Added TODAY!!

Pampers Gifts To Grow is offering FREE Points

New Pampers codes have been released

  • FB6SUMMERTIME1610 FREE Points (Expires June 30, 2016)
  • TWJE245SUMMER16 - 5 FREE Points (Expires June 30, 2016)
  • FB29MOM593DAY16 -10 FREE Points (Unknown expiry date)
  • TW7CE1984JKAE16 -5 FREE Points (Unknown expiry date)
  • Babiesr89090915 - 10 FREE Points. (Unknown expiry date)
  • Enter three codes from any Pampers products and you will receive a special bonus gift.

Enter Pampers Rewards Points  ( Main Site)

Expiry dates are unknown

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I have great news about the Pampers Gifts to Grow Program!

Now you can get points for rating and reviewing Pampers products!!

  • 10 pts for submitting a written review
  • 20 pts for a video & written review
  • 30 pts for both, on each product you review

more details on the changes to the Pampers Gifts to Grow Program

Pampers Coupons

If you are looking for valuable Pampers Coupons you have come to the right place.

Canadian Free Stuff keeps an updated posting of all the latest savings as well as VIB coupons to save on Pampers products.

Click here to find all Pampers Coupons

Click here for VIB Pampers Coupons

Pampers Rewards

Where to Redeem your Pampers Points?

You can redeem your pampers gift to grow points for awesome reward prizes. Check out what they have available and order today.

Redeem points here. 

About Pampers Gift to Grow Rewards Program

Gifts to Grow Program Sign up 

Earn special gifts just for entering 1 diaper or 1 wipes code every month. The first gift is for entering a diaper or wipes code for 3 months in a row, then 6 months, 9 months and finally 12 months. The gifts will keep getting better and better, but you can’t miss a month or you’ll have to start over. Once you’ve gotten your 12-month gift, you can do it all over again.
To take advantage of this benefit, simply enter a diaper or wipes code today.

The gifts you receive for entering diaper or wipes codes every month are 100% free. You keep the points you earn from the codes you enter to use any way you wish. Free Shipping and Handling

Finding Points:

On Products:

Inside each package of diapers or training pants you’ll find a small white label with your Gifts to Grow code.

Wipes have codes printed directly onto the packaging. The location of the label or code depends on the type of product or package.

Finding Other Bonus points:

Join Pampers Canada Facebook: As they usually have some bonus points to be found there as well.


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