PJ’s Pets Canada: Spring Clearance SALE Continues!

PJ’s Pets Canada: Spring Clearance SALE Continues!

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PJ’s Pets Sale Continues

  • Save up to 70% OFF on 100’s of items throughout the store!

They have New stock arriving weekly at discounts of 50% – 60% – 70% OFF or MORE! You will have to contact store directly to ensure availability.

Prices in effect for a limited time only. Selection varies at stores.


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 PJ’s Pets-Pets Unlimited

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The Philosophy That They Live By

They believe that the bond between us humans and our furbabies is so deep and real that it needs to cherished and nourished on a continual basis. They know just how much we love our pets and they want to make sure that they do everything they can to ensure your pets happiness. A happy pet is a happy pet owner afterall.

The first location was opened in 1988 when the owner thought that Canada needed a “different kind of petstore”.

Right now there are over 14 stores in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

Some of the things you will find here include;

  • -Over 200 different fish species. Makes it difficult to choose but you have a lot of selection.
  • -pet food
  • -pet accessories

PJ’s Pets Loyalty Program

This brand as a Loyalty Program that is FREE to join. When you make a purchase you earn cash back to spend on future purchases.When you register your card you will automatically be enrolled to receive special offers and promotions as well. Buy more and save more!!

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Pets First Promise

You are purchasing a pet and you want to know what guarantee you will have correct? What if my pet gets sick? Where do they get their animals?

PJ’s Pets makes a promise that:

  1. Suppliers are carefully selected to ensure that they follow strict guidelines and procedures
  2. All pets have access to a vet, feed high-quality food, and socialized.
  3. Matches pets to their owners. They get to know you and recommend or not recommend a certain pet for a certain lifestyle.
  4. They educate you about your new pet. Letting you know about the specific needs, challenges, etc.
  5. Provides a health warranty for pets



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