Product Testers Canada List ~ Testing out Products for Free

Product Testers Canada List ~ Testing out Products for Free


Product Testing is available in Canada ~ In a variety of ways. 

There are companies that distribute free samples to a certain amount of people based on certain criteria . It may factor where you live, how old you are, If you have children, health problems, etc.  Companies sometimes only have a certain amount of product to try, so they may even do it randomly.

You must expect “Nothing” and hope for “something” as in an opportunity to try a product.

Bzz Agents  Answer quick surveys to fill us in on the things you like, so we can invite you to try the products you’ll love. Share your thoughts on the products we send you by starting real conversations, online and off.

Chick Advisors: : You need to do 5 Product Reviews before generally being considered in to  the Product Review Club. The more you participate the more chances you will be chosen.

Brand Power : Do a few product reviews and you can be chosen to Test some cool grocery products. You will need to do a few surveys before as well.

PTPA media ~  We’ve got a panel of expert bloggers writing about everything from stay-at-home adventures to deals on fabulous products. An online catalogue of winning products, as selected by parents just like you. But best of all you can become one of our parent testers, receive free products and make a difference.

Moms Central:  Moms who sign up with us become part of a mother network that has access to certain perks: free products for testing, exclusive savings and coupons, sponsored product parties, just to name a few. But most importantly, they have the opportunity to have their voice heard, not just by our community, but also by participating Canadian companies. So essentially, you’ll help shape the product campaigns (and even development) of these brands

Urban Moms ~ as a blogger, you would have access to a huge range of opportunities. UrbanMoms works with some of Canada’s top brands and we would be able to offer you exclusive sponsored opportunities on your blog. The opportunities would vary and would be available on an opt-in basis. You would only participate when it worked for you.

Product Testing ~ Once you are accepted, we will send you email invitations to participate in product evaluations as projects arise which match your demographics (obtained during registration). These email invitations will spell out the various details about the project, i.e., the type of product, the estimated time involved, the time period, the incentives, etc.  If you are qualified and willing, you are linked to a screening questionnaire.  We select participants from among those who have completed the screener. If we have more qualified registrants than we need, we randomly select the participants.

Location Based Product Testing Opportunities 

Alberta Agriculture  in Edmonton Alberta  ~ Available in Edmonton Alberta The Consumer Product Testing Centre (CPTC) is part of the Food Processing Development Division of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. We work with Alberta’s agri-food industry to develop new food products and processes that help add value to Alberta’s agricultural commodities. Evaluation of many of these new food products takes place at the CPTC where taste panellists sample the foods and give their consumer opinions.  CPTC staff maintains a secure database of people over the age of 18 who are periodically recruited to participate in taste panels. Those who meet the demographic requirements for the particular test are asked to participate at a scheduled time and date. All participants receive an honorarium, starting at $15 depending on how much time the test will take, and the type of product that is evaluated.

Contract Testing  ~ Get Paid to Test Products ~ Available in Following Citys ~ Calgary, AB, Halifax, NS, Montreal, QC, Toronto, ON,Vancouver, BC. Products we might test include cookies, sandwiches, french fries, soup, frozen and microwavable dinners, soft drinks, soap, detergent, shampoo, mouthwash, and other personal care, food, or household items. When you test with us, depending on the product, you will be asked to taste, touch, smell and/or look at products and answer questions about them. Sometimes you are asked to take products and try them at home but for the most part, testing is done at one of our field sites, conveniently located in your are.

ACCCE ~ in Mississauga, Ontario ~The majority of ACCE International`s projects and studies are conducted as central location tests (CLT). Respondents, who are recruited to participate in these types of studies, come to an ACCE facility to evaluate products. The main CLT facility is in Mississauga, Ontario with partner facilities in key Canadian, US and European cities.

Individual Companies in Canada Offer Product Reviews Panels

Readers Digest  looking for volunteers to try out products from our advertisers. All you need to do is register below and you may be chosen to test cosmetics, food, household products, toiletries and more.

I’m sure there is more of them. Please leave a comment on any that have been missed, so I can include them.


  1. i live in british columbia canada would love to test products for my expected baby how do i get involved

  2. Would love the chance to test and review products I will give an honest input weather good or bad with details as to why
    thanks for the opportunity

  3. I’m a stay at home mom with a special needs little girl and playing at home with her and teaching her thing’s, I hope she can use later in life and I’m finding thing’s are expensive and could use help and help other’s out with what might be the best product for them or there family and or i.e. home…
    My name is Crystal and my daughter is Isabella 6 years old

  4. For more information regarding becoming a product tester, please follow the links in the post.

  5. I have been looking for this for a while. I havw always been interested in testing products

  6. I would Love to test products. I am interested in trying New things and I would be willing to write reviews

  7. Want to be the part of Product Tester from long time .Hopefully this time my dream will come true.

  8. I am interested in becoming product tester. Im in Hamilton Ont. I love to try new stuff.

  9. I would love to be a product tester! I hope it’s available in my area Sydney Mines Nova Scotia! Fingers crossed!

  10. This is what I’ve been looking for!
    I’d love to be / am interested in becoming a product tester!

  11. I’m in vancouver and I’m open to trying and testing new products. I have two boys and a husband who are ready to try new products.

  12. Hi there i am due to have a baby girl in october and i am interested in trying new products. Thank you

  13. I’m willing to start testing products and writing reviews on the sites for
    Other people to view I have been lookin and signing up all
    Over for r thing like this but it’s either only available to us residents or well ya that’s it lol would be very nice to
    Hear back

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