Reebee Review and Giveaway ~Canada Only Dec.5 /12

Reebee Review and Giveaway ~Canada Only Dec.5 /12

Attention newbie couponers and seasoned veterans alike.  I just discovered a brand new app that is going to make your life a whole lot easier. We all know that collecting Canadian coupons is a great way to save money. To make those savings go even further we, as couponers have learned to shop the sales and cash in those coupons when prices are at their very best.  So how do you take it to the next level?  Well, the answer is simple. Save your gas money by not driving store to store to save more.  Price matching is the way to maximize your savings especially here in Canada.

Introducing the REEBEE App

So what is Reebee? Well, it is a brand new app that you can download completely free of charge that shows you all the competitors flyers.  That is right, you can have all the current flyers right at your fingertips. Reebee is a unique app available for any Apple devices running IOS 5.0.1 or later. It can be used on your iPod, iPhone, iPad or iPad mini.  You can download the app and each and every week it will show you the current store flyers.  You can view everything from Best Buy and Future Shop to any of your major grocery stores.  Walmart, Freshco, Food Basics, Shopper’s Drug Mart and more.

You might be wondering how this will benefit you. You probably already receive weekly flyers in the mail or delivered to your front door. If not you might search for them on-line through the store’s website. So you are asking why do I need Reebee? 

Well, I thought the very same thing until I took a moment and actually downloaded it. I used my daughter’s iPod and it was so easy to get this app.  I then headed out to Walmart for a little product testing We originally put the app on her iPod about a week ago and was concerned if it would actually work while we in a particular store. I picked her up at her college placement and we headed out to Walmart.  I told her I wanted to put the Reebee app to the test so she turned on her iPod.  We had to find an available wi-fi connection because the Reebee app was still showing last weeks flyers.  She finally picked up the in-store McDonald’s WiFi and she updated the app to reveal this week’s current flyers.  We continued to shop and noticed that sugar was on sale for $2.47.

My daughter check the Reebee app and informed me that Freshco had the same brand and size sugar on sale for just $1.77. That is a .70¢ savings. She also noticed while on the Reebee app and viewing the Freshco flyer that Little Debbie Swiss Rolls were on sale for just $1.49.  I found them at Walmart for $2.07. Another price matching opportunity had just presented itself.

We continued on and I remembered seeing someone having the Ristorante frozen pizzas on sale.  My daughter quickly had a look at Reebee and told me that Food Basics had them on sale for $2.88.  This is an outstanding deal even without a coupon! Wal-Mart’s regular price is $5.67.  After filling up the cart with sale items and items we wanted to use coupons on we also added the last three mentioned items.  Time to see if Reebee was going to make my couponing life easier.

Like any seasoned couponer I counted up how many coupons I was going to use. (11) and the total value that should be taken off my receipt. ($13.15) I also noted what items I wanted to try to price match and from what stores.  I pulled out my traditional paper flyer inserts but hid them inside my coupon binder.  (Available, just in case I needed them but out of site so the cashier would not know I had them with me).  I checked out as usual.  I told the cashier I had lots of coupons to use and wanted to do some price matching.  Regular items first, coupon items second and price matching items last.  I told the cashier that I had a brand new app on my iPod called Reebee (actually my daughter’s) and I wondered if she would accept it for price matching?  I showed her the Freshco flyer with the sugar at $1.77 and she said “sure, no problem”. I then showed her the Swiss Rolls advertisement, again not a problem. Lastly, I price matched the Ristorante pizza. Just $2.88 at Food Basics.  The cashier did not even blink and eye.  She simply over-road the price to match the competitors flyers.  I showed her that the flyer date was clearly marked at the bottom of the page just to make her feel more comfortable.  The whole process was super easy!


I must admit before now I have rarely used the price match option when shopping sales and using coupons.  I do take my flyers with me but have found it a hassle to pull them out and flip through them while shopping. The Reebee app makes the whole process so much easier which in turn means I will use it more often.  Although I shop with a huge coupon binder I never notice the unwanted stares. However I do feel funny about pulling out an endless amount of flyers to price check the competition.  With an Apple app like Reebee the embarrassment is gone.  In fact it is kind of fun for me.

Have you ever been out shopping for electronics or appliances and wondered if an in-store special is really a good deal or not?  Well now you can easily and quickly find out.  Just check out the flyers provided on Reebee App and you can compare prices right on the spot. Show the store you are shopping at and tell them you can get the same item cheaper at a different store.  If they have a price match policy in place then you should be able to gain some extra savings. You will no longer be wasting valuable time and money running from store to store.  If they don’t honour price matching then you know where your next shopping trip will be.  The one with the lowest price. (thanks to the Reebee App) This is going to be a fabulous way to streamline my Christmas shopping this year.

You can download the Reebee App for FREE -Here

The Reebee App is a great way to view your local flyers. It is free. It is easy. It is convenient and it is always current.

The Reebee App is location-based which means it uses the GPS in your device to give you all the current flyers for your location. Just put in your postal code and it go find all the flyers that pertain to you. It has auto updates and auto trash.  So once the flyers expire they are automatically removed and replaced by new current ones. It is an all in one App so no need to download other coordinating applications to make it work. Reebee is totally portable.  Take it anywhere you go. Just remember if the store does not offer WiFi you might want to make sure you are updated before you leave your home. Last but certainly not least.  The Reebee is environmentally friendly, no paper means no waste. I have really enjoyed discovering the Reebee App and will certainly continue to use it each and every week.  No more waiting patiently for the flyers to be delivered.  I can look at them right away and plan out my shopping trip with very little effort. Now if they could just come up with a way for me to circle what I want. LOL. Check out the Reebee App for yourself today.  Trust me you won’t be sorry. It is my best “freebie” find this week for sure.


Reebee is working hard at building a release for Android and Blackberry devices too. I will have to keep my eyes open for this one because then my hubby can use it on his Blackberry. (can’t wait)

Reebee has graciously sponsored a giveaway contest for our readers here on Canadian Free Stuff.

One of our lucky readers is going to win a $50.00  iTunes card.

To enter for your chance to win please use the Rafflecopter form below.

Good Luck Everyone!

Contest Ends: Dec.5/12

Open to Canada Only

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