Shoppers Drug Mart Contest – Win 1 MILLION Optimum Points PLUS over...

Shoppers Drug Mart Contest – Win 1 MILLION Optimum Points PLUS over 50,000 Instant Win Prizes

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Shoppers Optimum Millionaire Contest

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  • Daily Entry
  • Canada Only
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of Majority
  • must be a Shoppers Optimum or Pharmaprix Optimum Member

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Contest Ends February 8, 2016

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Shoppers Drug Mart Contest.

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FRAUD Shoppers Drug Mart Phone Call


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Many people have been called saying they won by entering a Shoppers Drug Mart, and that you’ve won a vacation – If this has happened to you  or know of someone SEE Details 


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  1. Very confusing site in regards to , where do you enter contest pin # / info. Searched everywhere for entry,
    gave up. This is a waste of personal time, Shoppers needs to do better.

  2. Got the call from 17093412713 called back and its not assigned. During the call i pressed 1 spoke to a shady guy with a thick accent asked me if I was over 25 I said yes and then asked how he got my number he got quiet and then hung up.

    I dont think it has anything to do with Shoppers they are just using it as a cover.

  3. I live in St. Johns, NL I recieved a call today August 15th in the evening the caller ID number was 17093412713. I got the same story that I had one a trip from Shoppers drug mart etc. I pressed 1 and a guy with a thick accent asked me if I was over 25 and I said yes but how did you get my number he got silent and then hung up on me.

    Super shady I don’t think it has anything to do with shoppers they are just calling people and probably using shoppers as a cover.

  4. I received a call today from Private Number and an automated voice annouced I won a free trip and was required to press ONE to obtain details. I didnt’ press anything…just waited and the line hung up? Obvisously there is scam? I’m concerned of security break as well. I will be contacting the RCMP to advise them of a possible scam…..OR did I really win a trip???

  5. I doubt there has been a security breach at Shoppers. I don’t shop there and don’t have their loyalty card, but received the Free Trip phone call too. I hung up, but similar to other comments, the call came from a number with a local area code.

  6. I just received a phone call as well on my cellular telephone with the same message, however it did not lead me to no options, it hung up on me. I do have caller ID so I returned the call at (705) 303-8817 and a man speaking english answered and I inquired about the call. He sudendly could not speak english and switch to french…little did he know that i am fluent in french!! He ended up hanging up on me so defenitely a scam!

    Chantal Vézina, Sturgeon Falls, ON

  7. just got a call for free ‘shoppers drug mart vacation’ …. I live in 506 region ….originating number was 506 875 5213

  8. I got the phone call at work! The antenna went up! For the heck of it I pushed 1 and waited and a man got on the phone checked my age and asked if I had a credit card. I told him no and he said “Thanks” and hung up! I wonder how many people are getting burned by these scammers!

  9. I would suggest contacting Shoppers directly regarding this phone call. There are so many phone scams circulating these days that you can never be too careful.

  10. Same thing! I just got a call but it was on a cell phone that I seldom use and haven’t given the number out. Knew it was a scam. Shoppers ought to check into this -

  11. I like all of you just recived a call telling me i have won a free trip.. I didn’t push anything and it hung up.. When i called back some guy answered. It was a cell phone in my local area ( scary ) i however didn’t say anything to him. ( i hung up) what is up with all the calls?

  12. Received a call, just now, telling me I had won a free trip advising Mr to press 1 to continue. When I pressed 1 the line went dead. Caller id shows the number as 1-506-645-2462. When I called this number back I got a recording stating the number is not in service. What is this all about? I did shop at shoppers (east Saint John) a couple of weeks ago. I bought to packs of nicorette. I’m pretty sure I paid with cash and did not use my optimum card.

  13. 12:45 pm, Tuesday, August 13, 2013:

    I just received the same call informing me I have “won the Shoppers Drug Mart Free Vacation; to accept, press 1 ”

    I did not accept, but came here to this site to report the issue.

    I am in the 780 calling area.

  14. Today I received and automated phone call at 3:21 pm from a number marked Private which was 604- 980-4569. Th call said somethinhg like — you have recently shopped at Shoppers Drug Mart and have a vacation prize – hit one to continue.
    I hung up immediately as it is obviusly a scam. Howver I did shop at Shoppers today and I am an Optimum card holder so it occurs to me that there has been a breach of security as I would assume that Shoppers Drug Mart does not involve itself in this type of phone call.

    When I hit return to caller on the phone Telus said it was not in service.
    Please let me know why someone outside the Shppers Drug Mart company would know that I shop there.
    Should I not hear from you I will follow it up with Better Business of British Columbia.

    Anne-Marie Lawrence, North Vancouver,B.C. 604-980-3579

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