Shoppers Drug Mart Millionaire Contest: WIN 1 Million Optimum Points and Instant...

Shoppers Drug Mart Millionaire Contest: WIN 1 Million Optimum Points and Instant Wins (NEW!)

Shoppers Drug Mart Millionaire Contest

Enter for your chance to WIN 1 of 10 Grand Prizes of 1 Million Optimum Points PLUS Instantly Win Optimum Points!

Grand Prize: There are 10 grand prizes available to be won, each consisting of one million (1,000,000) Shoppers Optimum Points.

The approximate retail value of each Grand Prize is $1,785.

Online Instant Win Prizes There are 50,350 online instant win prizes available to be won. Each Online Instant Win Prize consists of Shoppers Optimum Points in ranging from 1000 points to 95,000 points.

To enter this contest, log in to the contest website, register, then enter a Pin Code and play the fun game!

To obtain a Pin Code:

  1. No Purchase Entry – To get a Pin Code with out making a purchase, go to and complete the form to request your Free Pin Code. You must provide all your info, address, age,optimum #,email address,and a 50 word or more unique and original essay in English or French stating why you love being an Optimum Member.  There is a total limit of 15 PIN Codes obtained via NPN PIN Requests per Qualifying Participant -1 per day. Pin codes usually take a day or two to arrive in  your email,and often land in your junk folder,so be sure to check there!
  2. With Purchase – Receive a Pin Code Contest Card with every purchase of $5 or more on eligible products, at Shoppers Drug Mart

There is a limit of 15 PIN Codes per person that may be obtained regardless of method of obtaining a PIN Code.

Good Luck!


  • Daily Entry
  • Residents of Canada only
  • Quebec friendly
  • Age of majority
  • must be a valid Shoppers Optimum Member (free to join)

Enter Shoppers Drug Mart Contest Here

Contest ends  July 02,2017



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FRAUD Shoppers Drug Mart Phone Call


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Many people have been called saying they won by entering a Shoppers Drug Mart, and that you’ve won a vacation – If this has happened to you  or know of someone SEE Details 

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Shoppers Optimum Program

The Shoppers Optimum Program is a program where you earn points for purchasing items. Earn points and redeem for free products. Membership is absolutely free!

When you sign up you will gain access to many member-only benefits and offers.

Optimum Offers

Earn Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points when you purchase specific products. There are different offers posted on a regular basis. Some names included in these promotions include Huggies, Olay, Mustela, Vidal Sassoon Hair Colour, and many more.

A little background on Shoppers

This company was founded in 1962 by a man known by the name of Murray Koffler. The first store was opened in Toronto, Ontario. To date there are over 1240 Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Canada(as well as Pharmaprix name)


  1. This totally ridiculous ,You give out coupons to enter draws for 1 Million optimum points , and you make it the hardest thing in the world to enter the competition , Shoppers Drug Mart , you are a scam !!!!, you want to make it so hard to enter ,that especially elderly people will just not bother , I shop in my local SDM every other day ,and spend quite a lot of money there , check my Optimum card 750 -171-989, , Come on Shoppers give your customers a Break ,at least make the Competitions accessable for Older people

  2. this is ridiculous, gives instruction on how to get pin but NOT WHERE to enter when you have pin…spent an hour filling in useless info, give up !!

  3. Very difficult web site – according to the above I am not the only one not able to easily enter this contest – perhaps attention could be given to further wesite adjustments.


    VERY FRUSTRATED CUSTOMER!!!!!! please be more specific than your answers given above!!!!!!!!!

  4. Cecilla,
    Please click on the link above to enter the contest, you can enter your pin number there. Good Luck.

  5. Awesome… i love to shopping from drug mart . This is the best shop for shopping to find everything.

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