Shoppers Drug Mart Coupons – FREE Dessange Hair Treatment And More!

Shoppers Drug Mart Coupons – FREE Dessange Hair Treatment And More!

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Two great coupons from Shoppers Drug Mart include;



Coupon Expires on January 31, 2016


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Awesome News with Shoppers Drug Mart!

Finally you don’t have to print any more coupons

Simply upload them onto your card! You can do this on any desktop computer or download their application and have it right on your phone.  This also includes your personal offer coupons. I personally use the iphone application and am loving so far!

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About Company

Shoppers Drug Mart was founded by a man named Murray Koffler way back in 1962. The first ever store was opened in Toronto, Ontario. The brand as grown to over 1240 stores and Pharmaprix locations in Canada.

Shoppers Optimum Program

The Shoppers Optimum Program is a program where you earn points for purchasing items. Earn points and redeem for free products. Membership is absolutely free! When you sign up you will gain access to many member-only benefits and offers.

Some brands you will find at Shoppers include;

Quo brand of womens cosmetics. They produce many products for the face, lips and eyes. Also, professional tools for applying your makeup and other products. They have been around since 1999.

Life: Shoppers Drug Mart Private label of products. They believe that customers should have alternatives to other brand names out there. Get the same quality product for less.

Simply Food: Wide variety of food products that meets our everyday lifestyle. From snacks to frozen dinners, you are sure to find something for you. These foods stress the importance of eating healthy and still maintaining that convenience a quick meals. Something we all struggle with in today’s society.

Nativa Organics; Offers 100% organic foods to those that want to lead the organic lifestyle but don’t necessarily want to pay those high prices that can be found in some of the other stores.

Balea: From health and beauty, to lifestyle products you are sure to find what you are looking for with this brand.

Amigo: Wide range of pet products including pet food, toys, and grooming. You never know what surprises you will find for your pet with the brand Amigo.


  1. I got the same thing as Yanyan. Got an email saying:

    Hello Maria,

    Thank you for updating your Optimum Account.

    0 Shoppers Optimum Points will be added to your Optimum Account by 10/19/2015*.

    Not sure how we get the points?

  2. I updated my profile and entered the promo code, but they sent me an email saying “0 Shoppers Optimum Points will be added to your Optimum Account by 10/19/2015″. Does this really work?

  3. I figured it out, you click on “Edit my account” and there is a field at the bottom to put the code.

  4. I found this on the Shoppers Drug Mart website:

    A promo code is a way in which we can award your account as part of a special promotion. For example, if there is a promotion in the flyer to update your profile for 2,000 Shoppers Optimum Points using promo code 1234, when you update your profile in your Optimum Account and enter that promo code,we will be able to award you with the respective points.

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